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Aalberts Surface Treatment AG - Altdorf

Aalberts Surface Treatment AG - Altdorf

Aalberts surface treatment in Altdorf is your specialist for surface technology in Switzerland and offers the complete range of surface treatments with inorganic and organic coatings.

Welcome to Altdorf

Altdorf - location

Aalberts surface treatment in Altdorf is one of the few companies offering both inorganic and organic surface coating in Switzerland. Components refined by us improve your processes and save transport distances. With more than 100 years of experience in the refinement of surfaces through various processes, the Altdorf site - part of the Aalberts family since January 2019 - offers a comprehensive range of surface treatment services. In addition to the development and application of coatings, we provide all necessary additional services from procurement and warehousing to the delivery of finished customer components.

We at Aalberts surface treatment in Altdorf claim to be the No. 1 company for surface technology in Switzerland. This is why we regularly obtain ISO certification and stand for quality, precision and reliability with our services. A comprehensive consultation by one of our employees in all questions of surface technology, including the company's own laboratory, is very important to us.

Our services

Surface Coatings

Processing Services

Special Services

  • Burnishment of stainless steels
  • paint stripping
  • PER Degreasing
  • Sand and glass bead blasting
  • Aqueous cleaning
  • cleaning
  • Well-equipped laboratory


For more than 100 years, we have been refining surfaces in various industries, such as automotive, defense technology, aviation, food, mechanical engineering and metal construction.

Areas of application

In the automotive sector we coat rollers for the injection pump and hollow shafts for the electric drive with anti-friction varnishes and galvanize diesel lines for injection. For the defense domain we anodise ammunition parts, apply cathodic dip paintings on projectile bodies, phosphating and painting on projectiles. In mechanical / metal engineering, our entire product range is used, e.g. cathodic dip coating of protective covers for side cutters, anodizing of mechanical parts, powder coating and sliding coating of covers for gas distribution. We burnish knife parts, anodize and paint different parts for the food industry. For the aviation sector, we anodise parts for the aircraft loading systems; apply phosphating and painting on small aircraft parts.

  • Pre-treatment and wet painting of various bicycle parts. Important here is the precision and visualization.

  • Cover for gas distribution. This part made of aluminum is passivated, outside powder-coated and inside coated with a slide-active coating.

  • Phosphating of projectile parts.

  • Slide-active coating to reduce the friction on the shafts.

Industries & Applications

  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    • Slide-active coatings of rollers in injection pumps and hollow shafts in electric drives
    • Galvanic zinc plated diesel injection lines
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  • Machine / Metal Construction

    Machine / Metal Construction

    Machine / Metal Construction

    • Cathodic dip coating of protective covers for side cutters
    • Powder coating and slide-active coating of lids for gas distribution
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  • Food Industry

    Food Industry

    Food Industry

    • Burnishing knives
    • Anodizing of various parts
    • Painting of vessels
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  • Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    • Anodizing of parts for the loading of the aircrafts
    • Zinc Phosphating and painting of various parts for small aircrafts
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  • Defense Technology

    Defense Technology

    Defense Technology

    • Anodizing of various ammunition parts
    • Phosphating and painting of projectile casings
    • Cathodic dip coating of projectiles

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Aalberts Surface Treatment AG

Industriezone Schächenwald
6460 Altdorf

Tel. +41 41 875670 0

Fax: +41 41 875670 1

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Fri.: 7:30-16:15 Uhr

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