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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Bottrop

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Bottrop

Your specialist for the protection of steel constructions regarding corrosion resistance as well as fire resistance based on wet paint systems.

Welcome to Bottrop

building Bottrop

Our production is located in the south of the city of Bottrop, between the A2 and the A42, and has been in operation since 1976. Our employees are specialized in providing high-quality coatings of large steel components. Since 2019, as part of the Aalberts surface treatment group, we refine steel pipes, steel constructions and other components by using airless processes and other high-quality coating solutions.

With many years of experience, flexibility, reliability and quality, we are your partner for high-quality coatings in Bottrop.

Our services for surface refinement in Bottrop

Coating solutions

Achievable properties Layer thickness
Wet-paint-coating Corrosion protection C2 to C5-VH
Solvent-free (water-dilutable)
RAL or DB coloring

20 to 1000µm

400 to 4000µm

500 to 600µm

Fire protection coating Fire protection classes F30 to F120
RAL tone as top coat
Coatings for hydraulic steelworks BAW compliant
RAL tone as top coat

Process services

Range of parts Measurements Weight Sand blasting Coatings
Steel pipes

max. width 3.000 mm
max. height 3.000 mm
max. length 30.000 mm

max. 17 t

Derusting and blasting SA2, SA2,5; SA3

Wet paint coating
Fire protection coating

Coatings for hydraulic steel constructions

Steel pipes fittings
Welded steel constructions
Special steel parts
Steel pipes interiorfrom Ø 100 mm
max. length 16.000 mm

Wet paint coatings

Coatings for hydraulic steel constructions

  • Warehousing

Surface technology from Bottrop applied to several industries

Our coatings reliably protect a large number of components against corrosion or provide them with fire protection. They are used in a wide variety of industries, such as hydraulic engineering, the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering and power plant construction.

  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

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    • Oil and Gas industry

      Oil and Gas industry

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      • Plant construction, mechanical engineering

        Plant construction, mechanical engineering

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        • Environment


          • Approved water-dilutable coating systems
          • Tubes and pipe fittings in the AGI Q 151 area


        Classic applications are used in industrial plant construction, steel hydraulic engineering, drinking water pipelines and chemical plants. The coating process focuses on the processing of steel components up to a unit weight of 17 tons. This protects the material from corrosion, makes it fire-resistant and can be used without concern in contact with drinking water. Thus, our coatings help to save resources and simultaneously increase productivity and performance.

        Corrosion protection classes C2 to C5-M for offshore applications and fire protection classes F30 to F120 (R120) are achieved with coating materials from well-known manufacturers. With our capacities, we are ideally positioned both for large orders and for individual, smaller projects. Our competent colleagues will help you with questions regarding specifications, requirements, testing of surfaces and packaging as well as logistical handling.

        Areas of application

        In addition to solvent-based products, we also offer sustainable coating systems. These solvent-reduced or solvent-free coating systems meet the requirements of building certification according to DGNB & LEED.

        Also, we offer water-dilutable coating systems approved for AGI Q 151.

        • Fire-resistant coatings

        • Tube and tube form coatings up to 17t piece weight and a dimension from 1/2'' up to 3.0 m and 30 m length.

        • Standard colors are red brown, grey and white, here e.g. steel pipe in AD 168 mm with corrosion protection class C5 M. In addition, almost all RAL colors are available. We will be happy to advise you on DB colors.

        • Pre-treatment in form of blasting the workpiece with a specific roughness depth and purity, as well as appropriate masking of surfaces.

        • Typical parts are also dolphin piles for port facilities, as well as crane and bridge components for hydraulic engineering.

        • Fire protection coatings on steel beams can be applied in classes F30 to F120.

        • Storage space is available on the company's premises in Bottrop for major projects.

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        Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

        Brakerstraße 31
        46238 Bottrop

        Tel. +49 2041 7226 0

        Fax: +49 2041 7226 34

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        Mo - Fr.: 8am - 4pm

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        Benjamin Graf

        managing director plant Bottrop

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        Ann-Katrin Hüsken

        customer service

        Tel. +49 2041 7226 15

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        Nadine Meisel

        customer service

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        Aalberts surface treatment offers security

        We want to offer you the greatest possible security in the field of surface finishing.
        That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

        Our employees, are qualified according to ZTV-Ing.

        Do you have a question about materials or processes?
        Contact us. We are close-at-hand.

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