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Aalberts surface treatment s.r.o - Surface technology in Brzotín - Bak

Aalberts surface treatment s.r.o - Surface technology in Brzotín - Bak

Aalberts surface treatment s.r.o with its registered office and production in Brzotín – Bak near Rožňava is a specialist for the implementation of functional surface treatments at the highest quality level. We offer our customers optimal surface treatment solutions to protect technical components against corrosive processes.

Welcome to Brzotín – Bak near Rožňava

Aalberts surface treatment s.r.o

Since the foundation, the company has distinguished itself as a flexible plant for the surface treatment of metals, oriented to the future. Today we perform surface treatments at the highest quality level. The most modern computer-controlled production technology, paired with highly motivated employees, as well as a deep-reaching organization ensure an optimal price / performance spectrum.

To guarantee this high-class level, we dispose of own research units and developing units for the perpetual improvement of the coating technology. Productiveness, quality and environment protection are concepts, which are connected inseparably with each other.

Managing Director

"Aalberts surface treatment s.r.o is a specialist for the implementation of functional surface treatments with the best quality level. We are a dynamically growing company with high development potential in the field of surface treatment as well as technical and technological background.“

Our services in Brzotín – Bak

Coating services

  • Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) on the rack line
  • Zinc-Nickel (Zn-Ni) on the barrel line

Process services

  • Layer thickness measurement and material analysis using fluorescence measurement technique X-RAY
  • 100 % control: As part of advanced processing

Special services

  • Corrosion tests: The modern certified salt test machine according to DIN EN ISO 9227 enables a corrosion test for white and red corrosion on parts (e.g. galvanized metal).
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing

Industries in which top coating from Brzotín - Bak is used

Zinc-nickel plating from Brzotín – Bak near Rožňava

Zinc-nickel rack line

The company's certification according to the IATF 16949 standard is a guarantee of stable company processes, optimal use of capacities with an emphasis on compliance with quality standards. We are a flexible plant for the surface treatment of metals, oriented to the future. We perform surface treatments at the highest level. The results of production represent protection, functionality and appearance. We translate continuous improvement into the development of our processes in order to offer our customers high quality and reliable service.

Our zinc-nickel coatings in Brzotín - Bak offer excellent and long-term corrosion protection, even when subjected to strong thermal loads.

Zinc-nickel drum line


  • High long-term corrosion protection with high thermal loads
  • Avoids contact corrosion of steel parts in combination with aluminum
  • Coated products can be deformed mechanically without the flaking and the tearing of the ductile zinc-nickel layer

Possible post-treatment

Following the coating, a Cr(VI)-free passivation can be applied to protect the surface. Sealings and top coats applied to subsequently increase corrosion protection even further.


High long-term corrosion protection, even under demanding thermal loads.

Prevention of contact corrosion of metal parts in connection with aluminum.

Thanks to the ductile zinc-nickel plating layer, the surface-treated products can bend mechanically without peeling and cracking.

Ductile - based on the research - the curability (bendability) of the surface treatment proved up to 180 °, depending on the geometry of the part and the condition of the base material.

Areas of application

Galvanically deposited zinc-nickel coatings meet an extremely high corrosion requirement of the automotive industry.

This coating process is carried out in the most modern, fully automatic lines.

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Aalberts Surface Treatment s.r.o.

Gemerská 588
04951 Brzotín-Bak

Tel. +421 58 78809 65

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Ing. Dušan Sládek

managing director plant Brzotín-Bak

Tel. +421 918 970 941

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Mgr. Július Páll

production and sales manager

Tel. +421 918 970 944

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Ing. Ľudmila Adamková


Tel. +421 58 788 09 65

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Aalberts surface treatment offers security

We want to offer you the greatest possible security.

That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

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