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Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Burg

Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Burg

Aalberts surface technologies in Burg is your specialist for optimal surface coatings, with a focus on hard anodizing, chrome-free passivation and technical anodizing. Using specially developed processes, we improve the functional surfaces of your components.

Welcome to Burg

Aalberts surface technologies Burg

The Burg plant emerged from the former Eloxal-Werk Burg (EWB), which was incorporated into the AHC Group in 2007. Since 2019, the plant has also been part of Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH. It is located in Jerichower Land in Saxony-Anhalt near the state capital Magdeburg. At the time, the choice of location was based on the convenient connection to the A2 motorway and the support of the regional economic development agency. Today the colleagues work here in three shifts.

In the Burg plant, the processes HART-COAT®, technical anodizing and a chromium-free coating (SurTec® 650) are operated. The plant in Burg is a flexible coating location for small and medium-sized series production. The lean and effective production structure with fully automated coating lines allows a smooth and efficient coating of your components.

Managing Director

"Our customers come from all over Germany, as there is very little industry relevant to us in the direct vicinity of Burg. We often take over excess capacities from other plants.“

Our services in Burg


Special services

  • 100% inspection
  • Assembly activities
  • Fully automatic coating plant

Industries in which top coating from Burg is used

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

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    • Electrical Engineering

      Electrical Engineering

      • Automotive Industry

        Automotive Industry

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        • Defense Technology

          Defense Technology

          Surface coating service from Burg

          For HART-COAT® and technical anodizing, two coating tanks each with maximum dimensions of 2,000 x 500 x 850 [mm] and for a maximum component weight of 300 kg are available. Both processes are designed for a material window of 1,000 sqm and are also equipped for black coatings. Since mainly series orders are processed, the frame park consists of 90 % titanium frames, which are much more durable than aluminum frames.


          The advantages of our coating systems in Burg include

          • Improved wear and corrosion resistance
          • Increase of hardness
          • Optimal gliding behaviour
          • Optimum layer bonding
          • Massive breaking strength
          • High temperature resistance
          • Good dimensional stability

          In Burg, all processes are closely monitored. The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority. The Burg plant is certified in accordance with:

          • ISO/TS 16949 (quality standard in the automotive industry)
          • ISO 14001 (environmental management)
          • ISO 9001 (quality management)
          • ISO 50001 (energy management)

          Application areas

          Examples of applications in the HART-COAT® area are: Connecting sockets for communications engineering, sleeves for couplings or car tire valves. The quantities per year are in the millions. In smaller quantities, die-cast aluminum plates for industrial printers or gear wheels are hard anodized.

          In the area of technical anodizing, battery trays for truck electric drives are available for coating for corrosion protection reasons. Another example of technical anodizing are stamped parts for automobile locking technology.

          Compressor parts, adapter disks for bicycle bottom bracket sleeves or test fixtures for an automotive customer are provided with a black technical anodizing layer.

          The main applications for chrome-free passivations are in the defence technology, aerospace and automotive industries.

          Contact us, together we will find a solution for your requirements!

          • Industrial printer parts with HART-COAT® layer

          • Employee clamping parts

          • Employee in the shift inspection

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          Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH

          Lindenallee 26
          39288 Burg

          Phone +49 3921 4829 0

          Fax: +49 3921 4829 19

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          Mo. - Fr.: 7:30 - 16:15

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          Contact Partners

          Martin Kästner

          managing director

          Phone +49 3921 482 929

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          Cindy Glatzer

          quality manager

          Phone +49 3921 482 926

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          Daniel Jürß

          production supervisor

          Phone +49 3921 482 913

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          Ilka Werner

          assistant to the managing director

          Phone +49 3921 482 90

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