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Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach)

Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach)

Aalberts surface technologies in Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach) is your specialist for optimal surface coatings with a focus on hard anodizing and electroless nickel plating. With specially developed processes we improve the functional surfaces of your components.

Welcome to Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach)

Werk Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach)

In 1970 the Ebersbach site was founded with the standard processes hard anodizing HART-COAT® and electroless nickel DURNI-COAT®.

In 2006 we moved to the new production facility in Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach district) with new, modern facilities and high capacities.

The production area is approx. 6,000 m². 140 highly motivated and qualified employees work in three shifts for you and coat more than 250,000 components daily.

Since January 2019, the former AHC plant in Eschenbach has been part of Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH. With specially developed and patented processes such as hard anodizing with HART-COAT® and electroless nickel plating with DURNI-COAT®, components are refined to meet the increasing demands of industry.

Managing Director

"Our plant is characterized above all by customer-oriented solutions, high delivery reliability and short delivery and reaction times. We are able to coat both individual parts and large series. Our individual technical advice in advance also enables the realization of highly demanding customer projects.“

Our services in Göppingen-Voralb


  • Corrosion protection
  • Wear protection
  • True contour coating


Special services

  • Coating of large special components with special suspensions
  • Coating of large series
  • Partial coating of components

Industries in which surface coating from Göppingen-Voralb is used

  • Aerospace


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  • Automotive industry

    Automotive industry

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    • Mechanical and plant engineering

      Mechanical and plant engineering

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      • Electrical equipment

        Electrical equipment

        • Food industry

          Food industry

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          • Agriculture and forestry

            Agriculture and forestry

            • Shipbuilding


              • Toy industry

                Toy industry

                • Telecommunications industry

                  Telecommunications industry

                  • Textile and clothing industry

                    Textile and clothing industry

                    • Traffic and transport industry

                      Traffic and transport industry

                      • Logistics sector, conveyor technology, pipelines

                        Logistics sector, conveyor technology, pipelines

                        Coating services from Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach)

                        • HART-COAT®

                          The HART-COAT® surface treatment in Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach plant) protects aluminum workpieces against wear and corrosion, among other things, and is also characterized by very good adhesion to the base material.

                          HART-COAT® coatings are formed by anodic oxidation in an acid electrolyte of a special composition, resulting in an aluminum oxide layer on the component surface.

                        • DURNI-COAT®

                          DURNI-COAT® is a nickel-phosphorus coating process for surface refinement. In addition to aluminium and steel, all other base materials can also be optimized by means of electroless nickel plating. Our DURNI-COAT® coatings are very well suited for applications with special requirements, because the performance spectrum ranges from chemical resistance, dimensional stability and optimum sliding behaviour to electrical conductivity and increased hardness.

                          The advantages are high precision, uniform coating thickness, especially for components with complex shapes, and series production reliability for almost all metals. The dispensability of an external power source makes chemical nickel plating additionally interesting.

                        • Technical anodizing

                          Like hard anodising (HART-COAT®), technical anodizing is a process of classical anodizing, which is carried out at relatively low temperatures in an acid electrolyte. The aluminum workpiece is connected as the anode. In the course of the treatment, the workpiece surface is transformed into a porous (dense), hard and wear-resistant aluminum oxide layer. By subsequent compaction the pores can be closed and the corrosion resistance is greatly improved. The advantages of technically anodized aluminum parts include good corrosion and wear protection.


                        The advantages of our coating systems at the Eschenbach plant include

                        • High wear resistance
                        • Improved corrosion resistance
                        • Increase of hardness
                        • Optimal gliding behaviour
                        • Optimum layer bonding
                        • High thermal insulation
                        • High electrical insulation effect
                        • Good dimensional stability
                        • Temperature stability
                        • Food safety

                        At the Eschenbach plant, we examine every process in detail and have the highest demands on customer-oriented solutions. In addition to series parts, components for individual applications are also finished to customer specifications.

                        Application examples

                        In Göppingen-Voralb (Eschenbach), we use HART-COAT® (hard anodized) coatings in the automotive industry for valve pistons for automatic transmissions, parts for combustion engines, brake disc pots, pump parts for fire engines and components for control electronics, among other things.

                        In mechanical engineering, the DURNI-COAT® process is used to finish the boards for machines. The coating process is also used for water pump parts, components for piping systems, precision turned parts, castings, industrial valves and components for CNC lathes and milling machines.

                        With the DURNI-COAT®-AL process we coat, among other things, shift slides for automatic transmissions, pistons for steering systems, sealing discs, brackets and feed systems.

                        For aviation technology, for example, we finish handles and floor panels for helicopters with technical anodising and HART-COAT®.

                        In the automotive industry, we use technical anodising to finish brake components for motorcycles, profiles, cooling plates, fastening parts, housings, mounting plates, gear wheels, brush strips, covers, guides, consoles and door guide systems, among other things.

                        Contact our team, together we will find a solution for your problem!

                        • Visual inspection of control valves plated with electroless nickel DURNI-COAT®-AL. In the automotive sector, for example, workpieces treated like that are used for passenger car diesel pistons. The coating reliably protects the vehicle components against cavitation erosion.

                        • Shafts for CNC multi-spindle lathes are prepared for the coating in the fully automatic plant for the electroless nickel plating and suspended in a special frame.

                        • Electroless nickel plating with the DURNI-COAT® process gives shafts diverse functional properties like e.g. good dimensional stability and improved protection aginst wear and corrosion.

                        • One focus in Eschenbach is on so-called valve slides, which are used in automatic transmissions. The surface of around 60 million units is hard anodized here every year.

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                        Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH

                        Zillenhardtstraße 2/2
                        73037 Goeppingen-Voralb

                        Phone +49 7161 15688 0

                        Fax: +49 7161 15688 100

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                        Mo. - Fr.: 7:30 - 16:15

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                        Contact Partners

                        Martin Ruhland

                        managing director

                        Phone +49 7161 15688 0

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                        Petra Whitford

                        assistant to the managing director plant eschenbach

                        Phone +49 7161 15688 191

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                        Manuel Bestle

                        technical - and quality manager

                        Phone +49 7161 15688 440

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                        Andreas Müller

                        production manager

                        Phone +49 7161 15688 410

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                        Aalberts surface technologies offers security

                        We want to offer you the greatest possible security in the field of surface finishing.

                        That is why our Aalberts surface technologies sites are certified.

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