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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Surface technology in Kaufbeuren

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Surface technology in Kaufbeuren

Aalberts surface treatment in Kaufbeuren is your specialist for optimal surface coatings with the focus on hard anodizing, anodizing as well as polymer coating of components. With specially developed processes we improve the functional surfaces of your components.

Welcome to Kaufbeuren

Werk Kaufbeuren

In 1955 the location in Kaufbeuren was founded as a family business "Nussbaum Oberflächentechnik". Since 2019 the company has been renamed Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH and offers the processes hard anodizing, technical anodizing, color anodizing and polymer coatings.

Our production area in Kaufbeuren is approx. 5,000 m². 150 highly motivated employees coat your components here in a three-shift operation. Our fully automatic plants, as well as our coating robot in the polymer coating, offer a very good reproducibility of the applied processes.

With coating processes such as hard anodizing with NUCOTEC® as well as with CompCote® and the chromium (VI)-free passivation SurTec® 650, components are refined with high precision. We are your experts for technical anodizing, color anodizing and polymer coating of components.

Managing Director

"Our strength is to respond flexibly to customer wishes, especially when it comes to technical properties of the anodized layers and color requests for anodizing.“

Our sevices in Kaufbeuren


  • Anodic layers
  • Polymer coatings
  • Combination layers of both
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wear protection


  • Hard anodizing NUCOTEC® HE and CompCote®.
  • Technical anodizing NUCOTEC® EL
  • Color anodizing
  • Chromium (VI)-free passivation SurTec® 650
  • Polymer coating SafeCoat® /TempCoat®

Special services

  • Partial removal of anodic layers by means of laser technology (laser ablation)
  • 100 % visual inspection according to customer specifications
  • Wide range of standard colors. Special colors available on request

Industries in which surface coating from Kaufbeuren is used

Coating services from Kaufbeuren

  • Preparation and clamping range

    Before anodizing, the components are clamped onto specially manufactured anodizing racks to ensure good contact between the articles.

    Surfaces that are not to be coated are covered with plugs, adhesive tapes or cover varnishes before anodizing.

  • Color anodization

    Thanks to our proven surface coating, we protect your components from wear and tear and color them individually. Popular colors at the Kaufbeuren site include "black, titanium grey, blue, red and green".

  • Hard anodizing NUCOTEC® HE

    In hard anodizing, the components are connected as an anode in an electrolyte specially composed for this purpose. The aluminum surface of the workpiece is converted into a hard aluminum oxide layer as a result of the anodic switching. This layer increases protection against corrosion and wear.

    In addition, these hard anodized layers have a high degree of hardness.

  • Technical Anodizing NUCOTEC® EL

    Technical anodizing is a process of classical anodizing, which is carried out in an acid electrolyte. The workpiece is connected as the anode. Advantages of technically anodized aluminum parts are above all the good corrosion and wear protection.

  • Polymer coating SafeCoat® / TempCoat®

    Our polymer coatings improve the non-stick and sliding properties as well as the corrosion protection of your components. In our fully automated plant we are able to apply polymer coatings to the components with a high degree of process accuracy.


The advantages of the coating systems at the Kaufbeuren plant include, depending on the choice of process

  • High corrosion protection
  • Improved non-stick properties
  • Improvement of the sliding properties
  • Optimum layer bonding
  • High thermal insulation
  • High electrical insulation effect
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Temperature resistance
  • Decorative surfaces
  • Improvement of the thermal emissivity of the surface

In order to optimally meet customer requirements, the Kaufbeuren plant attaches great importance to process monitoring and reproducible processes. In addition to series parts, we also have the flexibility to respond to individual customer requirements.

Fields of application

The color anodizing of aluminum components is widely used in electrical engineering, the bicycle industry and the automotive industry.

Every year we coat millions of tire valves for automatic air pressure monitoring with hard anodizing and technical anodizing.

With our polymer coatings we coat die-cast engine components for commercial vehicles. This coating improves corrosion resistance and thus significantly extends the service life of the engines.

Contact our team and together we will find a solution for your requirements.

  • Components are hung / clamped on special frames in our clamping area.

  • Perfect handling of the protective lacquers in the fully automatic system. A functional coating based on fluoropolymers is applied.

  • The high-tech robot in the safe application of SafeCoat®.

  • Despite the complex component geometry, the protective lacquer is applied precisely to hard-to-reach inner surface areas.

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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

Jeschkenweg 28
87600 Kaufbeuren

Phone +49 8341 6601 0

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managing director

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service center

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service center

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Aalberts surface treatment offers security

We want to offer you the greatest possible security in the field of surface finishing.

That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

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