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Aalberts Surface Treatment AB -  Loddekopinge

Aalberts Surface Treatment AB - Loddekopinge

Aalberts surface treatment AB is your specialist on surface treatments in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

Welcome to Aalberts surface treatment in Löddeköpinge – We refine your surfaces!

Aalberts surface treatment AB

Aalberts Surface Treatment AB is your specialist in surface treatments in Sweden and the Nordic countries. The company was founded in 1995 as Impreglon Sweden but has since 2014 been a part of the Dutch group Aalberts N.V. From the 1st of January 2019 our fabric in Löddeköpinge is called Aalberts Surface Treatment AB.

We do different types of high quality coatings for industry and production. With our surface treatments, the need for cleaning is reduced and production stops are getting fewer. It also leads to reduced environmental impact as the use of detergents and the remanufacturing of details becomes considerably less.

We offer fluoropolymer coatings that are a kind of Teflon used to create low or high friction, non-stick and/or corrosion protection, depending on the area of use. In order to obtain even better durability on details subject to high wear, we also offer thermal spraying which means that we spray a metal layer on the detail before any polymer coating. This metal layer can also be used as a thermal heat barrier.

The coatings can be applied to all types of aluminum and steel surfaces as well as ceramics and synthetic materials. In addition to the above-mentioned surface treatments, we can also offer color removal and sandblasting. Our customers are represented in the following sectors; food, automotive, bakery, chemistry, non-woven, labels, packaging and the paper industry.

With years of experience in the industry and with the customer's best in focus, we do everything we can to satisfy our customers' needs. Our vision is that we will be best at refining surfaces and our main guiding star is Quality!

Welcome to contact us at +46 (0) 46706500 or at loddekopinge@aalberts-st.com. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest news!

Our services

Surface Coatings

  • Non-stick
  • Slide / Low friction
  • Drive / High friction
  • Corrosion Protection

Processing Services

Special Services

  • Paint removal
  • Sandblasting


​Fluoropolymer coatings​

Fluoropolymer coatings

The use of special polymers (eg, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, PFA, FEP) enables the formation of hydrophobic surfaces and effective tack inhibition against various substances such as glue, plastic or food ingredients.

The surface texture with irregularities improves the tack-free properties by reducing the contact area. Thanks to our special process in which we use cemented carbide in combination with fluoropolymer coatings, a surface with considerably longer lifespan is created than those coated with conventional methods using only fluoropolymer.

Fluoropolymer coatings are applied to aluminum, steel, special steels, copper, ceramics, synthetic materials, etc. They are temperature resistant up to about 280 degrees and some of them are approved for direct contact with food.

​Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a coating process using powdered or wire metal material which is sprayed on a surface with high thermal energy.

This forms an extremely hard layer for increased resistance to wear but also a thermal heat barrier. There are a number of different process variations, such as plasma spraying, high-speed flame spraying or arc spraying. The layer thickness ranges from about 30 µm to several millimeters.

Thermal spraying is mainly used as a wear combination layer where the surface hardness is to be combined with non-stick, low or high friction.



Due to polymers having excellent nonstick properties and good chemical resistance to liquid substances. The coating system creates a waxy surface to which sticky liquid or solid substances cannot adhere.

Areas where these coatings are a very good choice, are for example dough trays and dough funnels in the food industry, mixing tanks, rollers and molds in the plastic and rubber industry.

Slide - low friction

Slide - low friction

Fluoroplastics are known for their excellent sliding properties due to their low friction values against most diverse substrates. Movements of metals, plastics, paper or food in the production process is reduced, thereby accelerating the production process and also removing the need for lubricants.

The life and wear resistance can be increased by applying different layers of metal or ceramics together with a fluoropolymer.

Drive- High friction

Drive- High friction

By combining different coating processes and materials, the surface of a component can be changed with respect to structure and surface finish. It is possible to produce a coating, which increases resistance to wear and tear and has an extremely good inhibition to sticky materials at the same time. Thereby, a safe and problem-free transport and movement of materials or goods can be achieved. Examples are paper, cardboard, various plastic containers or textiles on conveyor tracks.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection

An effective surface treatment on products, that need to withstand aggressive Environments, is not just about longevity but also safety.

With the help of special coating materials, that have a pore-free protective layer, surfaces get a barrier protection which increases the resistance to alkaline agents and aggressive acids and simultaneously prevents the formation of red rust.

Examples of applications include stirrers, impellers, vessels, pump housings and other types of containers.

Industries & Applications

  • High friction and non-stick properties on rollers

  • Thermal heat barrier on motor parts

  • Volume flaps with corrosion protection

  • Non-stick on sealing jaws

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Aalberts Surface Treatment AB

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