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Electroless nickel plating of hollow shafts

Protection against corrosion and wear

The CNC Multi-spindle MS40C lathe from INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky in Esslingen has been designed as a modular system. The customised configuration with up to 12 CNC compound slides, Y-axes, synchronous spindles and other options enables highly productive machining of bars and chucked parts. The V-shaped arrangement of the tool carriers in each spindle position ensures that only the tool holder determines the type of processing steps. Therefore, external and internal machining can be performed with fixed or driven tools at each station. In addition, the machine can also be configured as a dual 3-spindle machine.

The multi-spindle machines are driven by hollow shaft motor technology in all working spindles. The shafts are coated with electroless nickel (DURNI- COAT ®) to protect them from corrosion and wear. They are mounted in the multi-spindle lathe at right angles to the spindles.

In the coating process, nickel-phosphorus alloy layers are bonded firmly onto the surfaces. The coating process takes place in an aqueous electrolyte with dissolved nickel ions. A reducing agent provides the phosphor, which is uniformly incorporated into the nickel layer. The alloy deposition is based on a chemical reaction, so no external power source is needed. This electroless process, unlike a galvanic coating, allows for contour true reproduction of the surface with a uniform layer thickness throughout.

The advantages of an electroless nickel layer are generally: corrosion resistance, wear resistance, ductility, contour accurate reproduction of the base material surface and a non-porous surface. When choosing the DURNI-COAT ® variants and the layer thickness, however, corrosion conditions, type and character of the base material and its surface, the tribological system and the required service life must be taken into account.

Image: Handing over of a hollow shaft with DURNI-COAT® coating to the client.

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