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Hannover Fair 2019

Successful start as Aalberts surface treatment

With the slogan "coating excellence united - AHC oberflächentechnik and impreglon growing together" Aalberts surface treatment presented itself at this year's Hannover Fair to the wide public, after both companies have been merged on January 1, 2019.

Numerous guests came to Hannover to visit the surface technology experts of Aalberts surface treatment and talk about newest developments.

The world's largest industrial trade fair offers an international audience the full range of technical innovations along the whole value chain. In this case, surface technology, which is known as a cross-sectional technology, should not be omitted, as its application is crucial for all different industries. With the help of modern functional coatings, corrosion and non-stick behavior, friction and wear characteristics of different components can be adjusted as well as precisely adapted to certain requirements, no matter of the base material.

With a new trade fair concept, Aalberts surface treatment welcomed its guests in hall 5, C51 on large, modern and brightly designed booth. Thus, visitors were enabled to get their own idea of the broad portfolio as well as innovative power of the coating specialist. The development of a coating solution that meets the individual requirements of the customer is always most important to Aalberts surface treatment. Numerous exhibits were presented in order to make the possibilities of the applied coatings, and thus the successfully resolved demands on the functional properties of a component, tangible for the visitors. The product range includes, among others, electroless nickel, hard anodizing, polymer and zinc flake coatings. Some of them are applied only partially.

SELGA-COAT®, for example, is a coating process specifically developed and patented by Aalberts surface treatment. More precisely, SELGA-COAT® is a technology for the selective galvanic coating of metal surfaces. Only pre-defined surface areas are refined. All other areas are covered, inside a tool, with an integrated sealing system. The process is primarily used in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries because, on the one hand, technical components are manufactured in large numbers and, on the other hand, coating demands are very sophisticated.

When it comes to electroless nickel plating, technical knowhow in combination with excellent process technology is vital. Aalberts surface treatment unifies decades of intensive experience and operates in Weiterstadt Europe's largest electroless-nickel plating plant. By applying electroless-nickel plating on iron and non-ferrous materials (DURNI-COAT®), the surface is coated with a nickel-phosphorus alloy of specific composition. The coatings' scope of performance ranges from chemical, corrosion and wear resistance to dimensional accuracy and ideal anti-friction properties as well as electrical conductivity and increased hardness.

To realize highest demands on corrosion protection together with thinnest layer thickness possible, zinc flake systems are often first choice. Zinc flake finishing processes are non-electrolytic. By using techniques such as dip-spinning, spraying, dip coating or wet painting extremely corrosion resistant zinc flake coatings are applied. In contrast to other finishes, they permanently prevent damages caused by hydrogen embrittlement. These coating processes are ideal for complicated shapes as well as bulk material. Zinc flake coatings from Aalberts surface treatment are used in the automotive and construction industries worldwide as cathodic anti-corrosion coatings.

The sales team of Aalberts surface treatment welcomed numerous national as well as international guests from different industries to answer all questions. "We are very happy about the positive feedback we have received from our customers as well as many interested visitors", said Matthias Wischmann, sales director DACH. "The strength that results from the partnership of both companies - AHC Oberflächentechnik and Impreglon - is evident not only in the variety of processes offered, but also in our global presence. A fast and local service in national language is very important to our customers. With more than 50 locations worldwide, corresponding production capacity and the willingness to always advance in technological innovations, we as Aalberts surface treatment are very well positioned for the future", continued Matthias Wischmann.

"Growing together" – with the merger Aalberts surface treatment emphasizes its aim to seize the world's leading position for coating excellence in the area of functional surface technology.

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