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Learning partnership cooperation in Kerpen, Germany

On February 28, 2020, a learning partnership cooperation agreement with Adolph-Kolping-Schule Kerpen and Gemeinschaftshauptschule Horrem was signed in a festive atmosphere at our Kerpen location. The partnership is part of Kooperationsnetz Unternehmen der Region und Schulen (KURS, cooperation network of regional companies and schools). The main purpose of this initiative is the networking of the working world and the school system.

Thanks to the new learning partnership, pupils of both schools are more than welcome to visit our Kerpen site. What is more, we offer them the possibility to perform pupil internships in different departments. Aalberts surface treatment Kerpen gives interested youngsters insight into the professions of surface coater, laboratory chemist, electrician, industrial mechanic and office clerk. The objective is to deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired at school, e.g. in science classes, on a practical level.

Surface coater: good career perspectives

Especially the profession of surface coater offers good career perspectives, which is due to the fact that this job is hardly available on the market and that on-the-job training is of the utmost importance, something that Ralf Nott, plant manager in Kerpen, knows. When it comes to this technically versatile job, affinity towards subjects such as chemistry, physics and mathematics is of advantage.

Thanks to the agreement, pupils from both schools now benefit from getting to know lesser known professions as well. Thus, they can be introduced to the working life very early on. The objective is to facilitate the transgression from school to work.

New clamping area in Kerpen

Aalberts surface treatment Kerpen specializes in hard anodizing and electroless nickel plating processes. Thanks to coating solutions developed in-house, the functional surfaces of our customers' components are refined and enhanced.

After the signing of the cooperation agreement, the new, modern clamping area in the hard anodizing department of our Kerpen factory was inaugurated. This is where the components to be coated are clamped onto coating racks. This area shall help us deal with the ever-increasing number of orders and optimize our work processes for quicker and more effective order processing.

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