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Surface technology for future-oriented drive

The fuel cell will help shape the future of mobility. Aalberts surface treatment has been involved in the development of this drive technology and various research projects at its Lübeck site for around 20 years. With its special coatings, the company has established itself as the preferred development and series partner of a leading German car manufacturer. Among other things, bipolar plates for the fuel cell cars of this manufacturer were coated here under series production conditions.

Coatings of metallic bipolar plates in special inline systems

Outside the car sector, the site also develops and coats fuel cells for truck and stationary applications and applies various coatings for electrolyzers. Extraordinary corrosion resistance and conductivity at a thickness of only a few nanometers characterize the coatings of metallic bipolar plates. Efficient and durable systems are the result. Aalberts surface treatment Lübeck primarily uses PVD (physical vapor deposition) technologies, which are applied in special inline systems. Multi-layer systems are also possible via connected multi-chamber inline systems.

Biocompatible high-performance coatings

In addition to fuel cell coatings, the company also offers high-performance coatings for electrodes in medical technology and for water treatment. Since these coatings are used under extreme conditions, the challenges are particularly high, for example in terms of biocompatibility.

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