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Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - surface technology from Solingen

Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - surface technology from Solingen

Aalberts surface technologies in Solingen is your specialist for the surface refinement of components of all kinds.

Welcome to Solingen

location solingen

In the north of Solingen you will find our factory premises. Our qualified employees work here to protect your components with the help of innovative coating methods. Our surface finishing processes in Solingen protect against corrosion and wear in order to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and quality of your production.

With our plant in Dycker Feld, we have established ourselves in the region and beyond through our services in the field of surface technology - since 2017 as part of Impreglon GmbH and now since 2019 as a member of the Aalberts family. Our customers, who, for example, are rooted in the automotive and construction industries, appreciate the guarantee of high quality standards, individual technical advice and punctual delivery.

The major focus of the coating processes at the Solingen site is on dry-lubricating anti-friction coatings, which are well-known on the market under the name GLISS-COAT®. They ensure optimal sliding behavior of technical components, increase their corrosion and wear resistance and minimize unwanted noise such as creaking and squeaking. Phosphating as well as cathodic dip painting and the coating of circular symmetric components are additional segments of our comprehensive range of services. The main customers are the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as mechanical and plant engineering. The location in Solingen sees itself as a development partner, problem solver and idea factory for its customers.

Jan Hendrik
Managing Director

"We are a competent partner and problem solver for our customers and we are proud to live this philosophy within Aalberts surface technologies."

Dry lubrication

From the point of view of the technical application, dry lubrication is a grease-free, low-maintenance lifetime lubrication for reducing the coefficient of friction and simultaneously reducing noise. The basis of dry lubrication is formed by solid lubricants such as PTFE, MoS2 or graphite, which we integrate into an environmentally friendly aqueous coating system. Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH Solingen offers the key to this in the form of environmentally friendly and innovative product developments from the GLISS-COAT® and GLISS-C OAT® FLOCK ranges.

GLISS-COAT® coatings are permanent sliding coatings on whose surface a sliding film with constantly low coefficients of friction is formed. They offer friction coefficient and noise reduction in combination with wear and corrosion protection to functionalize your surfaces.

Technical details:

  • Functional coating of solid lubricants embedded in a synthetic resin matrix
  • Constant sliding film of dry lubricants
  • Environmentally friendly system through the use of water-based coatings
  • Functional coating for maintenance-free permanent lubrication


  • Grease-free, low-maintenance lifetime lubrication
  • Wear reduction with simultaneous noise reduction
  • High process reliability due to constantly low coefficients of friction
  • High corrosion resistance through pretreatment with cathodic dip coating

Our services

Coating services

  • Noise reduction
  • Friction coefficient reduction
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wear protection

Process services

  • GLISS-COAT® → self developed slide coatings
  • GLISS-COAT® FLOCK → manual and automatic flocking system
  • Around injection application → competence center (Anker)
  • Cathodic Dip Painting: CPD-Coating und phosphating
  • Combined coatings

Special services

For our customers we assemble components and package them according to customer specifications. In addition, special combination coatings are used also based on pre-coatings by our sister sites at Aalberts surface technologies.

  • Corona flame
  • Corona plasma
  • Degreasing
  • Combined coatings
  • Phosphating
  • Sandblasting
  • GLISS-COAT® is a self-developed, dry-lubricated slide coating to reduce friction and wear. The coating material is water-based and can be applied in various spray applications.

  • GLISS-COAT® FLOCK is a coating developed to increase the absorption capacity for impacts and noises. To achieve this a lubricious GLISS-COAT® adhesive is combined with polymer fibers.

    GLISS-COAT® FLOCK can be applied to phosphated, anodized and blasted metal surfaces, as well as on plastic.

  • KTL (cathodic dip painting) is a process in which the workpiece to be coated is negatively charged through electricity and dipped into a paint bath with positively charged paint particles. These particles are attracted by the workpiece, deposited on it and form a uniform film over the entire surface. After application of the coating layer, heat treatment (baking) is carried out at 180 to 220 °C. The coating is then applied to the workpiece (in an automatic batch line).

    Our cathodic dip painting follows the standards listed here (extract):


    • DBL 7390
    • DBL 7381
    • DBL 7382
    • DBL 7391


    • VW TL 260 Ofl-x-634
    • VW TL 260 Ofl-x-630
    • VW TL 262 Ofl-x-635
    • VW TL 227 Ofl-x-633 KTL


    • HES D2021-07 Class 1 Grade 4


    • MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG Werknorm M3078
    • MAN 3018


    • BMW GS 90011, Anführungsgruppe LASW 3
    • BMW AA0055


    • Toyota TSH 2354G


    • Ford WSK-M2P-153
  • We in Solingen, Germany, are the competence center for the coating of round symmetrical components with bonding coatings. Armatures for solenoid valves for switching and braking systems for motor vehicles are such components. The coating is applied uniformly within narrow tolerances. Partial coatings with the water- and solvent-based bonded coating systems are also possible.

Industries in which surface finishing from Solingen is used

  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    • Cupholder coated with GLISS-COAT®
    • Compression springs coated with GLISS-COAT®
    • Shafts and bolts for center armrests coated with GLISS-COAT®
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  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    • Welding nozzles coated with GLISS-COAT®
    • Guide rails coated with GLISS-COAT® FLOCK (Furniture Industry)
    More information
  • Aerospace



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    Quality & Know-How

    We are your competent partner for surface treatment in Solingen and throughout Germany. In order to guarantee consistently high quality, we are regularly certified according to ISO standards. Regardless of your order volume or type of component, we promise on-time delivery, precision and a high standard. With our many years of experience in the field of surface technology, our specialists are constantly working to further improve proven processes or to develop innovative new coatings - always according to your wishes as our customers or according to the requirements of certain industries.

    • Outdoor area of a production hall.

    • Production sector of the functional paints for flat parts.

    • Logistics area between two production sectors.

    • Production sector wet painting of round symmetrical components.

    • Feeding of parts to the automated cleaning process.

    • GLISS-COAT® FLOCK is a coating to increase the absorption capacity for impacts and noises. For this purpose, a sliding GLISS-COAT® adhesive is combined with polymer fibers.

    • GLISS-COAT® FLOCK system in Solingen.

    • Grating walkway of the cathodic dip painting system. Cathodic dip painting is a process in which the workpiece to be coated is electrically negatively charged and dipped into a paint bath with positively charged paint particles.


    Depending on the process variant, all technically interesting metals, light metals and plastics can be coated to enable low-slip or noise-reduced applications for the customer.

    Areas of application

    Our various processes find suitable use on all parts which are exposed to a high frictional load or where the coating of components requires a certain functionality and/or corrosion protection, e.g. movable vehicle interior components, closing components, hinge pins, bearing pins as well as approximately symmetrical components and helical compression springs for damping systems. In many cases a replacement for grease and lifetime lubrication.

    Contact & Directions

    Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH

    Dycker Feld 43
    42653 Solingen

    Tel. +49 212 25834 0

    Fax: +49 212 25834 99

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    Mon. - Thurs.: 8:00 - 18:00 Uhr
    Fri.: 8:30 - 18:00 Uhr

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