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Cathodic dip painting

Cathodic dip painting

For high quantities and complicated textures.

Would you like to make high quantities or complicated designs resistant to corrosion and impact?

Would you like to make high quantities or complicated designs resistant to corrosion and impact?

Cathodic dip coating is what you need. It is considered one of the most efficient coating methods for metal surfaces used in industrial applications.

The process

Cathodic dipping means immersing a negatively charged workpiece in a paint bath containing positively charged particles. The component to be treated attracts the particles, forming an even coating on the entire surface. Once the layer of paint is applied, we finish the process by baking on a protective film.

  • Properties

    With the cathodic dip coating a very contour true coating of metal surfaces and cavities with uniform layer thicknesses and good surface qualities can be achieved.

    Cathodic dipping ensures effective and long-lasting corrosion protection with high temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance. It is scratch-resistant and protects against stone chipping.

    Cathodic dip painting is an environmentally friendly coating method, as water is usually used as the solvent. It is well suited for automated coating and meets the high standards of the automotive industry.

  • base material

    We use cathodic dipping for components made of aluminium alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys as well as for zinc die-cast.

  • Application

    In the automotive industry, components are pretreated by dipping them in an immersion bath, significantly improving resistance to rust and corrosion. Cathodic dip coating is particularly beneficial for priming a conventional paint or for powder coating. Since the method makes the surface more durable and makes it last longer, it is well suited to commercial vehicles.

    The mining industry, where metal components are sometimes subjected to severe strain, is another field that benefits from this process. Successfully applied cathodic dip coatings ensure long-term durability in harsh environments. Other industries that benefit from successfully applied cathodic dip coatings include equipment and switch cabinet construction as well as machinery manufacturing (e.g. stamping parts). Electrochemical processes have proven their merit in the chemical industry and the athletic equipment industry as well.

    Cathodic dip-enhanced surfaces demonstrate their high performance capability in practical applications every day:

    • Components for wind turbines
    • Impact-resistant protective covers for rotating tools
    • Casings and lids for electronic systems and electric chain hoists
    • Temperature-resistant guide tunnels for gas turbines
    • Caps and closures on miniature motors

    Cathodic dip coated surfaces provide the best basis for a combination with a powder coating or conventional painting. As a duplex coating, cathodic dip coating can also be applied to zinc flake, galvanized zinc or zinc alloy layers. Cathodic dip coating can therefore be used almost anywhere, regardless of colour and surface structure.

  • Process Locations

    Aalberts Surface Treatment AG

    Industriezone Schächenwald
    6460 Altdorf

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    Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

    Dycker Feld 43
    42653 Solingen

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    Aalberts Surface Treatment Kft.

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    2800 Tatabánya

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