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Powder coating services - Protection for surfaces

Powder coating services - Protection for surfaces

Colourful protective coatings

Due to ever more complex production processes, industrial workpieces are strained more than ever. As a result thereof, surface coatings are becoming ever more important. Powder coatings offer effective protection against corrosion and wear. Powder coating is a process during which electrostatically charged powder particles are applied to the surfaces of electrically conductive materials, such as metals like steel, aluminum or brass. Thermal treatment follows. At temperatures between 160 and 200°C, the powder particles become interlinked to form a smooth, uniform surface.

At Aalberts surface technologies, we deliver the following powder coating services based on plastics and resins:

  • polyamide powder coating
  • polyester powder coating
  • epoxy powder coating

Thanks to our wide variety of coating options, we cover a broad spectrum of applications and requirements, and powder coat finishes. Our specialists select the powder coating to match your individual requirements, thus influencing the gloss levels, the coating thickness, the coating structure and special structural effects of the surface finish.

Powder coating Wünschendorf

With FlexiColor®, Aalberts surface technologies offers an eco-friendly and particularly efficient powder coating process. FlexiColor® powder coatings are characterized by good adhesive properties, excellent protection against corrosive and atmospheric influences and high resistance to scratches and impacts, and all this in almost all color variations. Based on polyamide, epoxy or polyester resins, FlexiColor® finishes have an extremely even surface structure. They are available in different gloss levels or with structural effects.

Key facts about FlexiColor® surface coatings:

  • Pre-treatment: degreasing, pickling, passivating
  • Good protective properties
  • Coating thickness: 35-600 μm
  • Temperature resistance: -40 °C to 160 °C, depending on the type of coating
  • Approved for food use
Powder coated materials

FlexiColor® powder coatings can be applied to almost all metals that withstand temperatures of up to 220°C, such as non-galvanized and galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Products from the metalworking industry, such as the furniture, sanitary and automotive industries, but also mechanical engineering components are thus suitable for powder coating. FlexiColor® powder-coat finish can be used to create both decorative surfaces and technical coatings for corrosion protection or other protective purposes.

To ensure that our customers' components are coated at the most economic prices available, we have divided the requirements placed on the component surfaces into four assessment zones:

  • Assessment zone A: surfaces with very high requirements
    • e.g. control surfaces of electrical appliances
  • Assessment zone B: surfaces with high requirements
    • e.g. drawer modules
  • Assessment zone C: surfaces with standard requirements
    • e.g. inner surfaces of appliances
  • Assessment zone D: surfaces with low requirements
    • e.g. storage racks

Apart from preventing unnecessary costs, this categorization improves the overall process flow. We will be happy to explain our categorization in detail and determine the zones which are important to you when it comes to your components. Just get in touch with us!

  • How long do powder coatings last?

    According to ISO 12944, powder coatings can have a short (2-5 years), average (5-15 years) and long (more than 15 years) life span.

    Corrosion testing according to DIN EN ISO 9227 (SSNT) has shown that, depending on the powder coating system and the number of coating layers (1-3), 240 to 2400 h can be achieved .

  • How heat-resistant is powder coating?

    Applied at a temperature of 220°C, special, heat-resistant (silicone-based) powder coatings are able to withstand temperatures of up to 500°C.

    Applied at temperatures between 160° and 190°C, standard polyester powders can withstand temperatures of up to 130°C.

  • In what colours is powder coating available?

    Be it matt or shiny, all standard RAL colors can be implemented with different gloss levels. Smooth decorative coatings, fine and coarse structures as well as customized colors and NCS colors are unproblematic as well.

  • What coatings can be applied to powder-coated materials?

    All common industrial coatings may be applied.

  • What is powder coating made of?

    At Aalberts surface technologies, we deliver powder coating services based on different resins and plastics, such as polyamide, polyester resin or epoxy resin. Thanks to our wide variety of powder coatings, we are able to create countless surfaces. Our specialists choose the right powder coating and process parameters to influence the gloss levels, the coating thickness, the coating structure and special structural effects of the surface finish. Our powder coatings are characterized by very uniform structures. We deliver high-quality coatings for all purposes and many types of materials and metals (powder-coated steel, aluminum, etc.). Get in touch with us! Our qualified specialists know exactly which solution matches your individual requirements.

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