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Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying

Durability meets resistance

What are the outstanding features of thermally sprayed coatings?

What are the outstanding features of thermally sprayed coatings?

The high surface hardness of thermally sprayed coatings is one of their outstanding features. Using metals, ceramics and polymers, our proficient employees apply different process variants to achieve the greatest protection for components subjected to extreme strain.


PlasmaCoat® combination coatings also offer very good traction properties with various surface roughnesses and profiles. An embedded metal or ceramic coating can be used as a substrate for the antiwear protective coating.

  • Properties

    The PlasmaCoat® coating procedure combines the outstanding surface hardness and wear resistance of thermally sprayed metal or ceramic coatings with the non-stick and sliding properties of polymers and fluoropolymers.

  • base material

    PlasmaCoat® coatings can be applied to nearly all metallic materials and carbon fiber materials

  • Application

    The application possibilities are virtually unlimited. The following parts are e.g. coated with PlasmaCoat®:

    • Gear wheels, gear and pinion shafts
    • Roll surfaces, protective shaft sleeves and journals
    • Treads on piston rods, valve spindles, cylinders and cylinder liners
    • Sealing and sliding seats on motor rotors
    • Axle and shaft seats
    • Bearing bores
    • Rolls, sealing bars, etc.

    Our repair service has a very special offer though: With our innovative processes, we can treat worn parts and make them like they used to be. We restore the original dimensions, with all the features of a protective treatment, making your components as good as new again. This saves you the expense of buying new equipment, while protecting resources.

  • Process Locations

    Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

    Hohenhorststraße 1
    21337 Lueneburg

    Tel.: +49 4131 882 10
    Fax: +49 4131 882 250

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    Aalberts Surface Treatment SAS

    Aire de la Thur
    68840 Pulversheim

    Tel.: +33 389 2832 80
    Fax: +33 389 2832 89

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    Aalberts Surface Treatment Beuningen B.V.

    Nikkelwerf 5
    6641 Beuningen

    Tel.: +31 24 677 7911
    Fax: +31 24 677 8901

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    Aalberts Surface Treatment Ltd.

    Kingsbury Link, Trinity Road
    B78 2EX Tamworth

    Tel.: +44 1827 871 400
    Fax: +44 1827 871 401

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    Aalberts Surface Treatment AB

    Mobilvägen 1
    246 43 Loeddekoepinge

    Tel.: +46 46 706 500
    Fax: +46 46 706 900

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