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Wet coating

Wet coating

Wet coating is a popular and widely used coating technique suitable for almost all substrates. The wet coating process allows for a wide range of effects, surface structures and color variations, using techniques such as wet-on-wet coating and mechanical rework. No matter if we are talking about small parts, like washers, or large prototypes: Aalberts surface treatment coats all workpieces which can be transported by road and provides high-quality wet coating surface finishes.

With our high-performance wet coating systems, polymer coatings, primers and lubricant films, we have expanded our range of services to include useful follow-up treatments so that you can save both time and money. The following applies to many industrial coatings: The time for subsequent process steps is limited. By taking care of the wet painting and finishing processes, we can guarantee the fulfillment of these requirements - and avoid additional packaging and transport costs as well as delays.

By combining suitable coatings with matching anodized or conversion coatings, the achievable improvements are not limited to surface protection. With the help of wet coating processes, designers can have their components finished in different colors or have them marked and treated with further surface finishes. What is more, the selective application of coatings with masking and localized spraying makes it possible to deliver finished parts which are ready for being assembled. We use techniques such as wet-on-wet coating and mechanical rework to increase our surface coatings' efficiency and functionality even further.

We offer a wide range of wet coatings which are applied to components with the aim of increasing their performance in certain situations. Wet coating processes are ideal for customization. We perform them manually, with the assistance of robots or in conveyor systems to create, for example, the following effects:

  • Reduced friction welding
  • Increased gliding properties
  • Protection against high temperatures
  • Improved resistance to chemicals
  • Creation of non-stick properties
  • Improved cleanability
Wet coating Aalberts surface treatment

When it comes to our wet coating processes, we currently focus on anodized or other coated components made from aluminum alloys, steel alloys and titanium materials. The drying temperature of the used coatings ranges from 50°C to 100°C - temperatures which almost all materials can withstand. In general, our wet coating processes are able to create decorative surfaces on almost all substrates.

Our wet and lubricant coatings are much sought after in the aerospace industry, in defense technology and in the automotive industry. However, we also have special equipment for the coating of exceptionally large steel structures, such as bridge or crane components or dolphins for harbors. We can apply our high-quality anti-corrosion and fire-retardant coatings to everything that rolls into our halls by road transport.

Your workpieces are difficult to transport or need to be operational immediately after coating? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer custom solutions which can be implemented at your premises.

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More Surface Treatments

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    Zinc-iron layer to a steel surface.

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  • Polymer coatings

    Polymer coatings

    Long-lasting protection mainly for the food industry.

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