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Zinc flake coating

Zinc flake coating

Zinc flake coating is an anti-corrosion coating applied with state-of-the-art coating techniques, such as dip-spin, rack dip-spin or fully automated spray processes. It is a non-electrolytic coating process that consists of a mix of zinc and aluminum flakes that are bonded together to create a protective layer on the workpiece surface. As license holder of the leading zinc flake coating suppliers, Aalberts surface technologies can offer these processes at its global facilities.

Zinc flake coating is used, above all, to reliably protect high-tensile steels, aluminum alloys and die-cast zinc against corrosion. When opting for this non-electrolytic coating solution, the risk of hydrogen embrittlement in the base material is minimized. Originally designed as a chromium VI-free alternative to electroplating, zinc flake anti-corrosion coating has become well established due to its wide range of uses in the automotive sector and other applications. Zinc flake coatings are applied using state-of-the-art dip-spin, dip coating or fully automated wet coating processes.

Depending on the area of application, Aalberts surface technologies also offers different pre-treatments, such as degreasing, sandblasting and phosphating. In order to find the base and top coat solutions that best match your components, we will provide you with individual advice and cooperate with you to determine the relevant work steps from initial sampling to series production. Upon request, we will complete our technical services by a logistics concept with pick-up and delivery services tailored to your needs. We apply zinc flake coatings using dip-spin processes for bulk goods, rack dip-spin techniques and (fully automated) spray methods.

Thanks to our expertise and advanced technical knowledge in the zinc flake coating process, we are able to deliver both specialized and standard zinc flake coating services of the highest quality. Aalberts surface technologies works together with you to find the optimal coating process for your particular needs.

Zinc flake coating

Apart from high corrosion protection, the outstanding properties of zinc flake coating also include constant coefficients of friction, dimensional accuracy and individual coloring. Not only is this surface coating free from chromium VI, but its zinc and aluminum flakes offer cathodic corrosion protection. Hydrogen embrittlement, as known from electroplated zinc layers, does not occur. By applying specifically developed combination layers, it is moreover possible to achieve good non-stick properties and to optimize the zinc flake coating's gliding properties.

A few characteristics at a glance:

  • Long-term corrosion protection under cyclic loads
  • > 1,000h free from red rust in the salt spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Delayed formation of red & white rust and contact corrosion
  • Resistance to chemicals (acids, alkalis, cleaners, oils, gasoline)
  • Thin layer thicknesses (6 - 25 µm) are possible
  • Topcoats for Duplex coatings and non-ferrous metals
  • Temperature resistance (180 - 300 °C, depending on the product)
  • Process temperatures from air drying to thermal cross-linking

Aluminum alloys, steel, stainless steel and die-cast zinc are among the base materials suitable for zinc flake coating.

zinc flake coating base materials

Zinc flake coating is used primarily in the automotive industry and wherever excellent corrosion protection combined with other functional and decorative properties is paramount. As a leader among zinc flake coating suppliers, Aalberts surface technologies fulfills the entire set of specifications of the international automobile manufacturers.

The most important applications at a glance:

  • Fastening elements
  • Brake components
  • Chassis components
  • Springs
  • Threaded parts
  • Punched parts

Industrial sectors

  • Automotive industry

    Automotive industry

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    • Aerospace industry

      Aerospace industry

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      • Construction and agricultural machinery

        Construction and agricultural machinery

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        • Offshore wind farm construction

          Offshore wind farm construction

          • What are the advantages of zinc flake coating?

            Thin-film zinc flake coatings offer long-lasting corrosion protection, especially under cyclic loads.

            Further advantages include:

            • No hydrogen embrittlement
            • No warping
            • Secure coating of cavities and undercuts
            • Best possible corrosion protection for high-tensile components
            • Very good protection against contact corrosion
            • Available worldwide and established in all sectors
          • Is the zinc flake coating process suitable for creating individual color designs?

            Our zinc flake systems can be combined with colored topcoats.

          • Is it possible to combine zinc flake coating with other techniques?

            Topcoats created with zinc flake coating processes can be combined with electroplating systems and other base coats. Compared to other electroplated coatings, for example, they significantly increase the material's protection against corrosion and optimize its functional properties.

            Topcoats are also used with the aim of protecting non-ferrous metals or optimizing their features.

          • Why does zink flake coating play such a big role in the automotive industry?

            Zinc flake systems have become an integral part of the automotive industry. The majority of all connecting elements are coated with zinc flake systems, not least because the requirements have significantly increased in recent years. With the aim of protecting materials or optimizing their functions, Zinc flake systems are also universally used for structural parts and chassis components as well as in the composite/mixed construction area.

          • What is the advantage of the zinc flake coating process?

            Zinc flake coatings offer a high degree of corrosion protection. Applied in non-electrolytic processes, they prevent hydrogen embrittlement in the base material.

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