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Aalberts Surface Treatment s.r.o. - Třemošnice

Aalberts Surface Treatment s.r.o. - Třemošnice

Třemošnice - is located in a small town of Třemošnice in the Pardubice region, which lies 100 km east of Prague

Welcome to Třemošnice

location Třemošnice

The company's primary metal-plating processes include: Zn passivation for agricultural technology, engineering, and railway vehicles phosphate treatment and Al passivation for the automotive industry anodic oxidation ( Eloxal) for handling technology, pistons alcalic oxidation, dipping( Brünieren, Beizen) for brake systems in railway vehicles.

The company was founded as the Povrchové úpravy Třemošnice Ltd., a surface treatment company, in 1992. Today the company has 60 employees working on three shifts. It reaches a turnover of 70 million CZK per year. The workplaces are automatized and meet the requirements for suppliers that are engaged in the automotive industry.

The Company´s Policy

Under the name Povrchové úpravy Třemošnice Ltd. was founded by registration in the company register at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové on 12th July, 1992.

The company´s business objective is galvanic plating of metal products which originate mainly in engineering. The surface treatments carried out in the company include coating with zinc, anodic oxidation, phosphate coating, chromating, and alkaline oxidation. The company carries out its business in its own premises adjacent to DAKO-CZ, joint-stock company, Třemošnice. The Povrchové úpravy Třemošnice company has a subsidiary in Králův Dvůr (address: 324 Pod Hájem Street, 267 01) which serves as a sales office and store and is responsible for the cooperation with German customers, and transportation. The policy of quality and protection of environment comes from the strategic goals of the development of the company. The management of the company is fully aware of the responsibility to meet the customers´ requirements as well as requirements of any other party involved, the responsibility for the conditions of environment, and a need of a continual improvement of the effectiveness of the existing quality and environmental issues management. We respect the principle of an information and communication openess towards all the parties involved, including local and regional authorities. We strive to achieve a long-term and mutually profitable cooperation with our suppliers who are chosen with special regards and whose values are compatible with those of ours.

It is our goal to meet our customers´ specific requirements, fulfil their needs and expectations, and make them constantly satisfied. We are aware of the fact that we bear the responsibility for our customers´ property. We accept the principle of high-quality treatment of parts and timely delivery of them to the customer. We provide our customers with high-quality metal plating at a reasonable price. When dealing with our customers we prefer helpfullness and kindness. We strive to develop the prosperity and the image of our company, and to extend its existing newtwork of clients both in the Czech Republic and Europe. Among others, it is special trainings for our employees in the field of galvanic plating, product quality, workplace safety, and environment friendliness that make the quality of our products higher and develop our employees knowledge. Anyone working for the company approaches the environment issues in a responsible way, which minimalizes the the company´s impact on the environment. We want to exclude any human and business negligence and indifference from our behaviour.

We guarantee sources that are needed to ensure and develope a system of quality and environment. We look for the best technologies that are environmentaly friendly and we use effective prevention methods. We follow all the lawful regulations and meet all the legal and other requirements related to our business. We monitor all the important aspects of our production, processes, services, their impact on the environment and all the possible quality determinants of products, processes and services that are required.


Our services

  1. Zn/Galvanizing on hangers: thin-passivation Cr3+/varnish sealing
    Zn/Galvanizing on hangers: thick-passivation Cr3+/varnish sealing
  2. Zn/Galvanizing for drum (mass technology): thin-passivation Cr3+
    Zn/Galvanizing for drum (mass technology): thick-passivation Cr3+
  3. Anodic oxidation natural sealing (colourless)
    Anodic oxidation black sealing
  4. Zn-phosphate coating, layer of 1,5-6 g/m2 + oil conservation
    Zn-phosphate coating, layer of 15-30 g/m2 + oil conservation
  5. Passivation SurTec Chromite Al/Cr3+ (on hangers, in drums, in baskets
    Direct passivation of zinc casts/Cr3+ (on hangers, in drums, in baskets)
  6. Alcalic oxidation (black oxid, brünierung) + oil conservation


Quality & Know-How


We hold certificates fulfilling the following norms:

• ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016
• ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

Salt Spray Test Chamber Weiss SC-450
We dispose of our own accredited salt spray test chamber WEISS SC-450 in which the corrossion tests are carried out in accordance with the DIN EI ISO 9227 norm.

Coating Thickness Analyser Xray MaXXi
This device is used for a final check on zinc layer of metallized parts. We issue a measurement protocol at the request of our customers. We archive our prominent customers´ protocols. We also provide a possibility of an enlarged photo focusing on the surface measured.

Areas of application

  • Zn passivation for agricultural technology, engineering, and railway vehicles
  • Phosphate treatment and *Al passivation for the automotive industry
  • Anodic oxidation (Eloxal) for handling technology, pistons
  • Alcalic oxidation ( Brünieren) for brake systems in railway vehicles
  • Aalberts surface treatment - Třemošnice

Contact & Directions

Aalberts Surface Treatment s.r.o.

Budovatelů 484
538 43 Třemošnice
Czech Republic

Tel. +420 469 617 631

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Mon. - Thurs.: 6:00 - 15:30 Uhr
Fri.: 6:00 - 15:30 Uhr

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Josef Hladký

managing director (jednatel) - speaks German

Tel. +420 602 449 419

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Ing. Jaroslava Smutná

financial and HR manager - speaks English and German

Tel. +420 603 156 522

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Ing. Luděk Škrovánek

sales manager (obchod a poptávky) - writes in English and German

Tel. +420 606 035 097

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That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

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