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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Surface Technology from Weiterstadt

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Surface Technology from Weiterstadt

Aalberts surface treatment stands for high-quality surface finishes. We have been active at our Weiterstadt location for more than 30 years now. A total of 13,000 different articles and/or technical components for more than 1,000 active customers are coated here each year. Our customers' individual requirements are always paramount for us.

Welcome to Weiterstadt

Aalberts surface treatment in Weiterstadt

Founded in 1983 in the Hessian city of Weiterstadt, our factory has gone through a remarkable development based on the continuous enhancement of our expertise and services.Centrally located just 2 km away from the A5 motorway access, our location can be easily reached. When it comes to functional surface finishes, we are your expert partner in the areas of aluminum electroplating and electroless nickel plating for aluminum, steel and non-ferrous metals. Fully automated processes are performed using state-of-the-art plant technology. In November 2012, we put Europe's largest electroless nickel plating plant for series and small parts into operation. We have since been able to successfully implement many projects involving large-volume applications.

At our Weiterstadt location, we focus on the following surface finishing services:


Anodic coating (aluminum only - all alloys):

  • HART-COAT® with variations for cast and copper-based alloys
  • Technical anodizing

Electroless nickel plating:

  • DURNI-COAT® 471 (high-phos.)
  • DURNI-COAT® 571 (mid-phos.)
  • DURNI-COAT® 771 (low-phos.)
  • PTFE-DURNI-DISP (tribology: reduced friction)
  • SIC-DURNI-DISP (tribology: increased friction)
  • Note on REACH and RoHS conformity

    Herewith we comply with the information obligation for SVHC substances within the supply chain according to article 33 of the REACH regulation (EG) 1907/2006 and point out that the amount of lead present in SIC-DURNI-DISP layers is above the limit value of 0.1 mass %.

    Please take this information into account for your further evaluation according to REACH regulation.

    As a result, the SIC-DURNI-DISP process is not RoHS compliant.

    According to Directive 2011/65/EU, this coating may not be used in electrical and electronic equipment with RoHS requirements.

Coating characteristics

      • Wear protection
      • Corrosion protection
      • Increased hardness
      • Improved gliding behavior

        The coating characteristics vary depending on the respective alloys and process variants


  • Service Center for technical advice / sampling processes
  • In-house laboratory with comprehensive metallographic Equipment
  • 100% control department for checking critical features and safety-relevant components
  • 100% traceability from the goods' arrival to their handover to the forwarding company
  • Customer-oriented storage of large series
  • 2 halls with more than 600 storing positions for the storage of raw and finished goods

Industries using surface technology from Weiterstadt

  • Automotive


    • Fuel pumps
    • Compressor wheel for turbocharger
    • Brake cylinders
    More information
  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    • Pumps for valve housings
    • Perforator
    More information
  • Aerospace


    • Lock valves to regulate liquid helium supply
    More information
  • Two-wheeler


    • Axle shaft for motorbikes
    More information

Quality & know-how

At our Weiterstadt location, we offer both finishing and 24/7 HART-COAT® coating services. With the aim of enabling trouble-free processes and providing you with first-class quality, we attach particularly great importance to the gapless control of services along the value chain of safety-relevant components. Using the know-how of our specialists, we develop custom surface coatings and implement them using cutting-edge plant technology. For electroless nickel plating, this would look as follows: continuous 3-D goods movement, special hot/cold pre-treatment for the residue-free treatment of components with complex geometries, built-in, ultraclean rinsing device for components subject to extreme purity specifications, and condenser dryers which contribute to reduced treatment times and energy savings. For environmental protection is close to our hearts, too. With the support of a cogeneration unit, the respective process steps are kept at the maximum operating temperatures required in each case.

Fields of use

At our Weiterstadt location, we offer you HART-COAT®, HART-COAT®-GLATT (HC-GL) and technical anodizing as well as several electroless nickel plating variants, the entire range of phosphorus classes and 2 special processes for influencing the coefficient of friction. The applications and fields of use of our solutions are versatile: PTFE-DURNI-DISP is used, for example, for coating armatures for solenoid switches. The coating protects the components against corrosion and improves their gliding behavior so that the switches can function without delays. SIC-DURNI-DISP is used on pump housings, pump wheels or grippers for the transport of paper, i.e. wherever high wear resistance is of paramount importance. Whereas our HC-GL coating comes into play, for example, for aluminum pump components used for the dosing of AdBlue. AdBlue, which is used for exhaust gas treatment in the automotive sector, would attack non-coated aluminum.

  • Europe's largest electroless nickel plating plant for series and small parts can be found at Aalberts surface treatment's Weiterstadt location.

  • Screw nuts coated with DURNI-COAT® in bulk material packaging.

  • Motorcycle axle shaft made of case-hardened steel, chemically nickel-plated with DNC 571 (lead-free DNC).

Contact and directions

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

In der Krümme 2
64331 Weiterstadt

Tel. +49 6151 9806 0

Fax: +49 6151 8994 70

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Aalberts surface treatment provides safety

We want to offer you maximum safety in the area of surface finishes.

That is why Aalberts surface treatment locations are certified.

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