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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Wünschendorf /Elster

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Wünschendorf /Elster

Your wishes form our service – we position ourselves with pleasure to new challenges.

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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

Untitzer Straße 6
07570 Wuenschendorf / Elster

Tel. +49 36603 841 0

Fax: +49 36603 882 02

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Mon. - Thurs.: 8:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Fri.: 8:30 - 18:00 Uhr

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Contact Partners

Marko Lietzke

managing director

Tel. +49 36603 841 20

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Sven Müller

production manager

Tel. +49 36603 841 16

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Udo Schauerhammer

engineering manager

Tel. +49 36603 841 20

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Sandra Rajnovic

quality manager

Tel. +49 36603 841 531

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Ramona Möller


Tel. +49 36603 841 12

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Andrea Voigtsberger

order processing / invoicing

Tel. +49 36603 841 18

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Ina Rausch

order processing / invoicing

Tel. +49 36603 841 18

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Heidi Sill

production planning

Tel. +49 36603 841 31

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Welcome to Wünschendorf / Elster

Wünschendorf - location

The Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH in Wünschendorf / Elster (formerly ALZI Metallveredlung), founded in 1955, skyoffers as a modern service enterprise surface coatings for nearly all branches as well as for the metal-processing industry. Under the motto surface refining … for highest ones, the company has developed to a leading enterprise. Quality and reliability determine our enterprise strategy and are a leading motive for all employees. Main focus of the activity is the company of arrangements to the galvanic zinc plating of metallic work pieces as well as to the powder coating in the farming-out contract. In addition, our service encloses the specific for surface, manufacturing and handling up-technical consultation, the development of problem solutions with our customers, assembly works, welding works by means of hump welding machines, final control, packaging and commissioning up to the logistic handling by own vehicle park. A certificated quality management and the constant supervision of our processes is the condition to the backup of a constant quality. As a system supplier for famous, internationally operating enterprises of the sanitary technology, fitting industry as well as suppliers of the automobile industry we position ourselves to every job.

Our Services

Coating services

  • Zinc plating
  • Powder coating

Process services

  • Zinc plating in Barrel
  • Zinc plating on rack
  • Powder Coating
  • temporary corossion protection
  • Duplex coating zinc- powder

Special services

  • welding
  • manufacturing
  • packaging
  • final control
  • The galvanic zinc process is the cheapest, most actual and the most-applied Procedures for the reaching of a reliable corrosion protection. The processing occurs in the rack and in the barrel.

    Zinc planting becomes in all conceivable branches, like in the automobile industry, Sanitary technology, building industry and fitting industry as well as metal-processing industry, in areas with normal temperature charges up to high ones Corrosion protection standards used.

  • The powder coating is an experienced procedure and especially resistant against Mechanical demands, chemicals and effects of the weather. The procedure allows beside very good corrosion protection values with very high ones Temperatures also varied creation possibilities by an individual colour. Thus the different work pieces are able if requested in all RAL tones as well as in different gloss degrees and structures.

    Powder coating comes primarily in the areas of Sanitation, apparat construction, Construction machine branch, object equipment, equipment construction and machinery construction, fair construction, truck and rails vehicles and vehicle Inside and outside areas for application.


Quality & Know-How


We build the internal organization and the expiries of our business activity in all Phases after the principles of the internationally approved quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. It is our aim, all in offers and orders attached parameter and achievement signsto fulfil reliably and to avoid customer complaints.The image of the enterprise is primarily carried by the qualification the employee. Therefore, competent and to high-quality work motivated employees are oneimportant condition for our high-class ability and the future protectionof our enterprise. By qualifications we secure, that the knowledge of our employeesis held on the topical state.Our attention is directed mistake avoidance instead of mistake removal, thereforewe pursue an well laid foundations quality assurance.All phases of the business activity and the activities in all jobs we organizeto the principle of the „internal customer-supplier's respect“.That is every employee is a customer and at the same time supplier of an internal end product, which is necessary for the solution of the whole job.Every employee is obliged to do everything,to reach this high-class sighting and to fulfil them with life.

  • Powder coating We coat your half products on our modern flow-run automatic automation with an excellent corrosion protection and a decorative surface. To the pretreatment of your parts comes classically with wet-chemical processes 7-area squirt flow automation for application. The part transport occurs by circle conveyor system, the classic of the varnish technology. The coating itself occurs in an automatic-coating cabin (high-grade steel) with the most modern recovery technology. The melting of the powder happens in a gas-heated air circulation dryer.

  • Zinc treatment in barrel In barrel the work pieces become in rotary or turning barrel by means of transport carriage in the electrolyte lowered.

  • Zinc treatment on rack In rack automation the parts are hung or clamped individually on carrier racks. The carrier racks are hung by means of transport system in the electrolyte.

Our plants


Powder coating automation

The electrostatic powder coating is a very ecologically friendly procedure with high layer efficiency. The coating powder contains no solvent, thereby become neither while coating also by dry, steams freely, i.e. coating friendly to VOC Metals with high quality. By a material yield of approx. 98% this is a coating procedure nearly freely of loss, an exhaust air pollution is cancelled therefore also.

Zink - Gestellanlage

Zinc - rack automation

For the application two rack machines come with freely programmable controls. Therefore we can react adaptably to the varied customer wishes with the highest quality, and a retrace ability of the customer parts is possible any time.

Zink – Trommelanlage

Zinc – drum automation

The automatic computer-controlled loading and unloading requires the slightest personnel application the double drum automation. Advanced centrifuge technology protects the highest corrosion protection with the passivation, because damages of the passivation-layer are reduced as much as possible. At the same time the optics of your parts are improved through this.


Aalberts surface treatment offers security

We want to offer you the greatest possible security.

That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

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