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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Wünschendorf / Elster

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Wünschendorf / Elster

We are your specialist for surface technology in Thuringia and a renowned partner of the metalworking industry. Our high-quality surface coating and process services will convince you.

Welcome to Wünschendorf / Elster

Wünschendorf - location

The Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH in Wünschendorf / Elster (formerly ALZI Metallveredlung), founded in 1955, offers a modern service range of many surface coatings for nearly all industries. The company has developed itself to a leading enterprise. Quality as well as reliability determine our strategy and are a leading motive for all our employees. The focus of our offered surface coatings is on the electrogalvanizing of metallic workpieces as well as on the powder coating on a subcontract basis.

Our service covers the entire surface-specific production as well as technical process consulting. Together with our customers we develop solutions to existing problems or handle necessary logistics by using our own tansportation fleet. Assembly work, final inspections, packaging and order picking are also part of our wide range of surface finishing services. A certified quality management and the constant monitoring of our processes is the prerequisite to ensure a consistent quality.

As a system supplier for well-known, internationally operating enterprises of the sanitary, fitting as well as automobile industry, we face every task with passion and determination.

Our Services

Coating services

  • Zinc plating
  • Powder coating

Process services

  • Zinc barrel plating
  • Zinc rack plating
  • Temporary corossion protection
  • Duplex coating zinc-powder

Special services

  • Welding
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Final quality control
  • Galvanizing is a very cost effective and efficient process to archieve a reliable corrosion protected coating. The processing is performed on a rack or in a barrel.

    Zinc planting is used in a wide range of industries: for example in the automotive industry, in sanitary engineering, in the construction and hardware industry as well as in the metalworking industry. The application of galvanic zinc can be used in areas with normal temperature loads as well as in areas with high corrosion protection requirements.

  • Powder coating is a proven procedure and especially resistant against mechanical demands, chemicals and effects of the weather. The procedure provides excellent corrosion protection at very high temperatures. In addition, a variety of design options thanks to individual colors are possible. So we can coat the different workpieces according to your wishes: All RAL color shades as well as the most different gloss levels and structures are available.


Quality & Know-How

Powder coating plant

It is our goal to reliably fulfill the parameters and performance characteristics pre-defined with you for all your orders and to avoid customer complaints. Therefore, our focus is on error prevention instead of error correction. To ensure this, we operate a technically well-founded quality assurance. We organize processes of our business in all phases according to the principles of the internationally recognized quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The positive image of Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH: Wünschendorf /Elster is mainly supported by the qualification of our employees. Competent and highly motivated employees are an important prerequisite for our quality work and the future of the company. By additional Trainings on a regular basis, we ensure that the knowledge of our employees is always up to date.

  • Powder coating The coating itself occurs in an automatic-coating cabin (high-grade steel) with the most modern recovery technology. The melting of the powder happens in a gas-heated air circulation dryer.

  • Zinc treatment in a barrel. The workpieces are lowered in rotating and swiveling drums into the electrolyte.

  • Zinc treatment on a rack. The different parts are hung or clamped individually on supporting racks.

Our plants

Automated powder coating plant

Powder coating automation

The electrostatic powder coating we offer is a very environmentally friendly process with high application efficiency. Because the coating powder contains no solvent, vapors are released neither during coating nor during drying. By a material yield of approx. 98% this is a coating procedure nearly free of loss. Thus, an exhaust air pollution is cancelled as well.

Zinc rack automation plant

Zinc rack automation

For the application two rack machines with freely programmable controls are used. Therefore, we can react adaptably to the varied customer wishes with the highest quality. Another advantage: The tracking of your parts is possible at any time.

Zinc barrel plating plant

Zinc drum automation

This surface treatment with our zinc drum system offers you many advantages. The automatic, computer-controlled loading and unloading of the double drum system requires the least personnel and has a positive effect on the cost of your order. The advanced technology also ensures the highest level of corrosion protection, as damage to the passivation film is reduced. In addition, this coating process improves the appearance of your parts.

Contact & Directions

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

Untitzer Straße 6
07570 Wuenschendorf / Elster

Tel. +49 36603 841 0

Fax: +49 36603 882 02

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Mon. - Thurs.: 8:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Fri.: 8:30 - 18:00 Uhr

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Sven Müller

production manager

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Udo Schauerhammer

engineering manager

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Ramona Möller


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Andrea Voigtsberger

order processing / invoicing

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Ina Rausch

order processing / invoicing

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Heidi Sill

production planning

Tel. +49 36603 841 31

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Aalberts surface treatment offers security

With everything we do, we offer the greatest possible security.

That is why our Aalberts surface treatment locations are certified.

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