At ALUMINIUM 2022, Aalberts surface technologies will showcase why surface technology is a key technology for successful aluminium products. With the help of modern functional coatings, corrosion and non-stick behavior, friction and wear characteristics of different aluminum components can be adjusted as well as precisely adapted to certain requirements

Aalberts surface technologies offers a broad range of processes to surface finish all sorts of different metal and plastic components. With the applied coating processes, components are protected against corrosion and wear or provided with special properties. Main processes include, besides other, electroless nickel, hard anodizing, polymer and zinc flake coatings. Some of them are applied only partially. Production capabilities range from economically efficient coatings of small mass parts to individual solutions for high-tech components. In addition, Aalberts surface technologies offers various process chemicals for surface technology. With the refinement of more than one billion components per year, Aalberts surface technologies serves customers from all key industries.

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SELGA-COAT®, for example, is a coating process specifically developed and patented by Aalberts surface technologies. More precisely, SELGA-COAT® is a technology for the selective galvanic coating of aluminum surfaces. Only pre-defined surface areas are hard anodized. All other areas are covered, inside a tool, with an integrated sealing system. The process is primarily used in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries because, on the one hand, technical components are manufactured in large numbers and, on the other hand, coating demands are very sophisticated.

When it comes to electroless nickel plating, technical knowhow in combination with excellent process technology is vital. Aalberts surface technologies unifies decades of intensive experience and operates in Weiterstadt Europe’s largest electroless-nickel plating plant for serial and small parts. By applying electroless-nickel plating (DURNI-COAT®) on iron and non-ferrous materials like aluminum, the surface is coated with a nickel-phosphorus alloy of specific composition. The coatings’ scope of performance ranges from chemical, corrosion and wear resistance to dimensional accuracy and ideal anti-friction properties as well as electrical conductivity and increased hardness.

To realize highest demands on corrosion protection together with thinnest layer thickness possible, zinc flake systems are often first choice. Zinc flake finishing processes are non-electrolytic. By using techniques such as dip-spinning, spraying, dip coating or wet painting extremely corrosion resistant zinc flake coatings are applied. In contrast to other finishes, they permanently prevent damages caused by hydrogen embrittlement. These coating processes are ideal for complicated shapes as well as bulk material. Zinc flake coatings from Aalberts surface technologies are used in the automotive and construction industries worldwide as cathodic anti-corrosion coatings.

Aalberts surface technologies has a number of other coating processes in its portfolio especially for components made of aluminum alloys: anodizing, anti-friction coatings, chrome-free passivation, color anodizing, gold plating, hard anodizing, nanocoatings, nickel sulphamate, polymer coatings, sealing, tin plating or wet painting. The sales team of Aalberts surface technologies is looking forward to welcome at ALUMINIUM 2022 national as well as international guests from different industries to answer all questions.

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