Henry Ford revolutionized production with the introduction of the conveyor belt in the early 1900’s. The assembly belt did not only increase the overall output, but it is also a method that requires less use or less consumables. The consumption of natural gas and electricity in heat treatment has become an even “hotter item” these days. Carbon footprint and nitrogen deposition have also become serious issues in terms of sustainability.

More environmentally friendly processes such as annealing in continuous furnaces are in demand. At our site in Venlo, we offer these processes including brazing. The enclosed whitepaper on the location page contains a detailed description of these processes.

It is also about a very special relationship that exists for many decades between Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems and Aalberts surface technologies. Gain insight into how this partnership excels and results in processes with maximum performance and yield. This relationship has recently also resulted in a state-of-the-art washer. After almost 3 years of co-development and a thorough validation phase, the s.o.p. was presented on May 1.

new fully automatic inline multi-chamber degreasing and cleaning system

A flexible and efficient system with high performance that meets the requirements of higher cleanliness. Aqueous cleaning system in 6 stations equipped with two cleaning tanks, three rinsing tanks and a hot air dryer. Integrated are 2 drum devices that rotate rinse and transfer the product baskets. This system is an excellent all-round cleaning installation suitable for a wide range of products and applications. The entire system operates with 24/7 monitoring of process parameters and cleaning media and is, specifically designed for in-line heat treatment in continuous furnaces.

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