On the occasion of the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen, the companies Hoeller Electrolyzer GmbH and Aalberts surface technologies GmbH announce a comprehensive cooperation in the field of highly efficient surface coating for electrolyzers. Thus, Hoeller secures a vital part of the supply chain for the production in Wismar.
Aalberts surface technologies and Hoeller cooperate

With its innovative PEM stacks, Hoeller will be a new player in Europe. For this purpose, a production facility for the entire European market will be set up in Wismar. The efficiency and thus the core of the electrolyzers depend, among other things, on the coating of the bipolar plates. Here Hoeller and Aalberts surface technologies Lübeck are cooperating in research and now also in production. The aim of the cooperation is to significantly reduce the cost of hydrogen production and increase its availability. The highly efficient long-life coatings will be applied on in-line equipment for high-volume production in Lübeck, which secures Hoeller access to the low production capacities in Europe.

Hoeller was founded by hydrogen pioneer Stefan Höller at the end of 2016 and has been based in Wismar since 2018. He and his team are developing three different sizes of the Prometheus series for use in on- and offshore aggregates at the site.

The Lübeck site of Aalberts surface technologies has been active in the development and production of high-performance coatings for electrolyzers and fuel cells for 20 years. Aalberts surface technologies was instrumental in one of the first series for fuel cell-powered vehicles and today supplies for various applications in the hydrogen economy.

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