Aalberts surface technologies is the global leader when it comes to surface coating and heat treatment services for application-critical components and structural elements. A total of 6.000 committed employees use their expertise on 80 sites across the world.

Depending on the application, specialized competence centers are available in our surface treatment (ST) division, which allows us to offer our customers even the most complex combination layers from a single source. The following example shows our aerospace competence centre in Villers-Cotterêts:


More than 150 different coating processes are offered across our ST sites. The internal coordination between our interconnected sites allows us to implement even the most uncommon layer combinations.

When it comes to innovative topics, such as coatings which are free from Cr6 or cadmium, specific solutions are already being implemented. Due to our activities in the automotive area, we can offer coating systems for zero-emission applications, i.e. hydrogen & electric drives and E-fuels.

The system chemicals are supplied by riag Oberflächentechnik AG, a group-owned subsidiary from Switzerland. This gives Aalberts ST the special advantage of being able to implement joint process developments while remaining independent of subcontractors.

With great open-mindedness, we cooperate with customers to develop problem solutions for specific applications. A current example is one-sided anodizing and priming of large aluminum panels used for composites or layered boards.

Based on the requisite certifications (e.g. Nadcap or DIN EN 9100), we offer a large number of customized approvals from the relevant OEMs and their subcontractors.

In times where it is well-known that the aerospace industry is faced with major economic problems, supply chain protection takes on special importance. Here, we benefit from being part of Aalberts N.V., a financially strong company with an annual turnover of approx. EUR 2.6 billion. Not only does this guarantee long-term reliability, but it also enables investments in the interesting future of the innovative aerospace market.


In cooperation with its long-standing partner Krautzberger, Aalberts surface technologies is improving the application of its bonded coating systems with smaller spray guns.

The core competence of the Solingen site of Aalberts surface technologies is functional sliding and special coatings. A robust sliding coating comes into play when frictional forces act permanently on components. After all, the right coating makes all the difference, so the material is preserved and protected for a long time. However, the coating systems not only improve the sliding properties of functional surfaces, but also provide lasting corrosion protection without lubricating greases and oils or also reduce disturbing noises in vehicles, machines and systems. Since 1990, the coating systems, known under the brand name GLISS-COAT®, have been developed and constantly optimized in the in-house laboratory at the Solingen site. This also applies to the application of the bonded coating systems.

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