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Industrial coatings
for your industrial sector

Components, parts, materials your industrial production is loaded with precious values which are decisive for the economic efficiency of your operational processes. And we help you protect these values: Thanks to our innovative surface coatings, your machines and products become more resistant and more durable.

Industrial coatings for your industrial sector

Top-Quality industrial coating services

Aalberts surface treatment specializes in outstanding industrial coatings, such as industrial powder coating or industrial plating (with various metal finishes: gold, copper, chrome, nickel, etc.). Backed by experience and know-how, our experts have made it their task to develop the right surface protection for all industrial areas. Thus, we are able to offer numerous industrial coatings in top quality. Our goal: to reduce downtime and maintenance costs in production processes, and to prolong the service life of your components and materials.

Industrial coatings for all industries

Industrial coatings for all industries

Each sector faces its own challenges. As soon as we have defined your individual profile of requirements, we will assist you in the selection of the ideal primer and surface treatment processes. Throughout the entire project duration, we attach great importance to an active exchange so that you can easily keep track of the processes. Together with you, we will implement a surface treatment solution (coating, plating, anodizing, etc.) customized to your individual application.

Aerospace Industry

Icy temperatures and changes in the atmospheric pressure: the conditions at great heights or in space are extreme. With our highly functional surface coatings, we finish components and assemblies of airplanes, helicopters, satellites, rockets and space stations from globally leading manufacturers. The coatings used for such applications need to be extremely lightweight and yet highly resistant to impacts and corrosion. Especially ion-assisted aluminum coatings have become established in the aerospace industry. They offer strong protection against corrosion at temperatures between 0 and 300 °C. The aerospace industry has relied on Aalberts surface treatment's advanced and sophisticated coating processes for decades.

Industrial coatings for the aerospace industry
Aerospace: coating & plating  - perfectly prepared for takeoff with us

Automotive Industry

We are a strategic partner for the international automotive industry in the new development and reliable just-in-time production of high-quality, innovative surface designs, for example for various engine and transmission components. We deliver millions of components with consistent, reproducible finishing quality and precision at the highest level. Targeted solutions are created in close consultation with our automotive clients.

Industrial coatings in the automotive industry
Coatings in the automotive industry -top class quality

Chemical Industry

Non-porous, durable, abrasion-resistant - these are the characteristics essential to coating in the chemical industry. Luckily, we have a lot of experience in this field.

Industrial coatings in the chemical industry
Surface technology for the chemical industry


When people think of electromobility, they first think of battery and fuel cell technology for alternative drive systems. It is forgotten that surface finishing also plays a decisive role in this context, because many accompanying effects can be significantly optimized with innovative surface coatings.

Industrial coatings for E-Mobility
E-Mobility: Challenge and opportunity for coating processes

Engineering Industry

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse and innovative sectors worldwide. In Germany, mechanical engineering has a long-standing tradition. This also applies to us at Aalberts surface treatment, where we functionally refine components for assemblies and complete machines, production lines or transport technology with our various coatings. Every day we are entrusted with large series and valuable components, which we coat meticulously.

Industrial coatings in the engineering industry
Lasting protection - Surface technology for the engineering industry

Food Industry

Processes in the food industry are subject to a huge number of regulations. We prepare the perfect industial coating solutions to meet your demands. And significantly optimize your processes.

Industrial coatings for the food industry
Industrial food processing: coating solutions for more than 600 customers

Medical Devices

Every day, healthcare professionals and medical device specialists stand up for the lives and health of their fellow human beings. When doing so, they must be able to fully rely on their machines and instruments. High-quality industrial surface coatings play a part in ensuring that this requirement is met. The spreading of germs, for example, must be avoided by all means. With our innovative surface technologies, we make a major contribution to preserving the sterility of implants, medical instruments and components for medical systems. We meet even the most exacting customer demands.

Industrial coatings for the medical industry
Surface coating of medical devices

Nonwovens Industry

Processes in the nonwovens industry occur at high speeds, which is why aluminum surfaces and non-stick coatings wear out quickly. Our industrial coatings increase the operating time of your machines, thus improving your processes. During the production of sanitary towels and panty liners, for example, vacuum rollers are used for the application of adhesive strips. It frequently happens that the adhesive sticks to these rollers. The good non-stick properties of our TempCoat® coating ensure a smooth production flow.

Industrial coatings for the nonwovens industry
Surface technology in the nonwovens industry – High operational performance under any conditions

Oil & Gas Industry

Raw materials such as oil and gas are extracted and processed under the harshest conditions. We offer a wide range of surface treatment and coating solutions for the protection and optimization of critical technical components. Since the performance of all components increases, the most demanding industrial requirements, i.e. those regarding abrasion and wear, chemical and galvanic corrosion as well as friction and wear, are met.

Industrial coatings in the oil & gas industry
Surface technology for the oil and gas industry - Resistance in harsh environments

Packaging Industry

A dependable packaging protects your products and promotes sales. Industrial coatings by Aalberts surface treatment optimize your packaging processes. Machine downtimes and disruptions can be minimized. The production speed increases thanks to low frictional resistance. Adhesions and decelerations of bulk material in slides, funnels, trays and scale pans are reduced.

Industrial coatings in the packaging industry
Surface technology in the packaging industry: For quick and error-free results

Plastics Industry

Where production processes are accelerated and final products become more complex, the requirements placed on industrial coatings are increase as well. The plastics industry is no stranger to these developments. Coated surfaces can improve the cycle times, reduce cleaning efforts and as a result increase productivity. With its tailor-made coating systems, Aalberts surface treatment meets exactly those requirements. Our industrial coatings come with outstanding non-stick properties and facilitate the demolding process. In addition, it is possible to replace conventional release agents by eco-friendly alternatives.

Industrial coatings for the plastics industry
The plastics industry -  surface technology in all its varieties

Printing Industry

Dust, inks, adhesives and high processing speeds are the challenges faced by our clients from the printing industry. Cumbersome cleaning and machine components with excessive wear are the result - counterproductive conditions for an efficient production processes. However, our surface technology can help you. It protects the components against wear and reduces adhesions. More than 500 customers from this industrial sector rely on our customized coating systems.

Industrial coatings in the printing industry
Your specialist for coatings in the printing industry

Special requests

Do you need a special kind of industrial surface treatment (plating, coating, other processes), or are you active in a sector other than the ones mentioned above? No problem at all! We look forward to receiving your enquiry! We find individual solutions for large and special pieces and specific customer wishes. We offer, for example, onsite anti-wear treatment for hydropower turbines. Using special equipment, we guarantee short downtimes so as not to interrupt the water flow for too long. Qualified employees working at 56 sites on three continents make this, as well as other solutions tailored exactly to your individual needs, possible.

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Would you like to tell us something or do you have questions about the applications presented here? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will attend to your enquiries, comments and wishes as soon as possible.


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.