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industrial niches

sustainable transportation


Icy temperatures and changes in atmospheric pressure: the conditions at altitude or in space are extreme. With our highly functional technologies, we finish components and assemblies of airplanes, helicopters, satellites, rockets and space stations from globally leading manufacturers.


We are a strategic partner for the international automotive industry in the new development and reliable just-in-time production of high-quality, innovative parts, such as engine and transmission components. We deliver millions of components with consistent, reproducible finishing quality and precision at the highest level.


Our heat treatments and coatings make fasteners more durable and easier to install and the fittings to withstand higher pressures and show an extended life period.


The chemical industry requires solutions which are both easy to clean and highly resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. For over 60 years, Aalberts surface technologies has been providing the chemical industry with high-quality, innovative solutions.


When most of us think of e-mobility, we think of battery and fuel-cell technology for alternative drive systems. Yet that’s only part of the story. Aalberts surface technologies is developing innovative technologies to optimise many key areas, from acoustics through to the service life of vehicles.


The engineering industry relies on suppliers capable of providing high-quality solutions, which enable them to manufacture products worry-free. With more than 60 years’ experience, we accurately treat individual parts, small and large series for our customers. We are true specialists when it comes to industrial services.


Every day, healthcare professionals and medical device specialists stand up for the lives and health of their fellow human beings. When doing so, they must be able to fully rely on their machines and instruments. High-quality industrial surface coatings play a part in ensuring that. We meet even the most exacting demands.

nonwoven materials

We’re familiar with some issues facing the nonwovens industry. At Aalberts surface technologies, our hardening and coating are designed to increase the operating time of your machines, improve your processes and reduce your costs. Adherence to schedules and delivery dates as well as consistently high quality.

oil & gas

Raw materials, such as oil and gas, are extracted and processed under the harshest of conditions. We offer a wide range of heat and surface treatments for the protection and optimisation of critical technical components. And because the performance of all components increases, the most demanding industrial requirements are met.


Effective packaging is crucial. It protects the product and promotes sales. At Aalberts surface technologies, we provide solutions that optimise packaging machines’ durability and create the conditions required for higher speeds, which improves efficiency and leads to a smoother packaging process.


Today, customers in the plastic industry not only demand excellent non-stick properties, good demold ability and high wear resistance, they want sustainable solutions. Our efficient and reliable solutions improve our customers’ cycle times, significantly reduces their cleaning time, and boosts productivity.


Dust, inks, adhesives and high processing speeds are the challenges faced by our customers within the printing industry. The result? Cumbersome cleaning and machine components with excessive wear. Over 500 customers rely on our customised systems to protect their components against wear and reduce adhesions.


Aalberts surface technologies has been a trusted partner of the Semiconductor industries for decades and stands for documented top quality production at the highest industrial standards. Our experienced teams of consultants are always available for advice on project implementation and on new developments.

tool manufacturing

Critical tolerances and precise dimensions are parameters which are very important in the tool and mold industry. Our versatile system and processing technologies coupled with our consistent quality management make Aalberts surface technologies a very strong partner for many companies in the field of tooling.