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Food Industry -
Solutions for over 600 customers.

Food Industry - Solutions for over 600 customers.

The greatest care for delicate goods

Material residue is often difficult to remove from stainless steel surfaces. It affects precise weighing and filling systems, causing package weights to become inexact. The production process must be stopped and the line cleaned. Downtime and overfilled packages lead to unnecessary expense.

Each production process is unique. Each one has its own recipe, machinery and production conditions that set it apart from other processes. Conventional coating systems are often unable to meet all of these requirements. Our products are backed by extensive testing and experience - application-orientated solutions for our customers reduce costs.

Application-oriented solutions for our customers

Nonstick coatings, slide coatings, traction, temperature resistance or FDA-approved corrosion protection - Aalberts surface treatment offers you a solution for all process requirements.

  • Nonstick coating for forming rolls and transport chutes at the production of caramel candy

  • Nonstick coating for machine parts for the production of pizza cheese

  • Slide coating for spacers and transport rails for cutting, transporting and portioning of fruit bars

Each production process is unique

You are what you eat. In the food industry, we are therefore dealing with more than "just" products. The correct base from Impreglon lays the foundation for safe food production.

Forming rolls and transport chutes

Caramel candy is made of a chewy, sticky caramel mass. During the production process, the raw mixture is shaped, divided into portions and wrapped in foil. Interruptions occur in the production flow, because the forming rolls and transport chutes have to be cleaned frequently. Sticky forming rolls and clogged transport chutes can bring the machine to a standstill.

Coating with ChemCoat® (high-quality nonstick coatings and slide coatings) optimizes the production flow. Improved nonstick properties prevent raw caramel mixture from sticking to the rolls. Because there is less frictional resistance, the candy can slide more quickly through the transport chute to the conveyor belt. Interruptions for cleaning or removing jams can be avoided. Optimizes production times and reduces production costs.

Pizza cheese

Machine parts for the production of pizza cheese

During the production of pizza cheese, various vessels and tools come into constant contact with oils and salts. The oil in the cheese sticks to every surface, the salt attacks the materials. During the manufacturing process for mozzarella cheese, it is essential that all surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily. The machine parts are often made of stainless steel, which does not bond very well with most nonstick coatings. As soon as the coating is damaged by friction and cracks form, oil and cleaning fluids penetrate the coating and reach the metal surface. This loosens the bond even faster and causes the coating to flake off.

The PlasmaCoat® coating is highly resistant to wear and very hard. Because it develops its own surface structure, it eliminates destruction of the coating right at the point where it joins the metal. Because a PlasmaCoat® coating lasts so long, companies save a substantial amount of money due to less downtime and lower costs for spare parts. The machine parts are less prone to corrosion and wear. The machines don't need to be cleaned as frequently.

Fruit bars

Spacers and transport rails

Fruit bars and granola bars are made from a chewy, sticky mass. The shaped dough is cut into long strips and then divided into portions. The bars are sealed in foil and then conveyed to the outer packaging process. Frequent interruptions occur in the production flow during cutting, transporting and portioning, as the cut strips either stick to one another or the individual fruit bars adhere to the transport rails. This results in machine downtime and production time losses.

Coating the spacers and rails with ChemCoat® significantly improves the production flow. The optimized nonstick properties prevent the dough strips from sticking together. The improved sliding properties reduce frictional resistance and allow the fruit bars to slide effortlessly along the track to the packaging station. Interruptions for cleaning or removing jams can be avoided. Optimizes production times and considerably reduces production costs.


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.