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Industrial food processing: coating solutions for more than 600 customers

Industrial food processing: coating solutions for more than 600 customers

Food-grade surface coating technologies implemented with maximum care

Surface coatings are indispensable when it comes to the processing of food. Creating a separating layer between the work equipment and the food, surface finishes ensure a long service life for machines and tools. In addition to protecting the food from contaminations, they offer another advantage: they ensure that the contact areas can be easily cleaned with minimum effort.

We provide our customers with application-oriented solutions

Be it non-stick coatings, slide coatings, traction, temperature resistance or food-grade corrosion protection: Aalberts surface treatment delivers solutions for all process requirements related to food production.

  • Non-stick coating for forming rolls and transport chutes at the production of caramel candy

  • Non-stick coating for machine parts for the production of pizza cheese

  • Slide coating for spacers and transport rails for cutting, transporting and portioning of fruit bars

High efficiency thanks to food-safe surface coatings

It takes more than just a popular recipe to remain competitive in the food industry. Ingredients of good quality convince the consumer to the same extent as attractive marketing. In order to be able to achieve an appropriate margin despite these factors, it is worth minimizing your costs. The use of surface technology in the food industry makes countless processes easier, which in turn contributes to cost reductions. Aalberts surface treatment benefits from more than 50 years of experience in the food industry. Consequently, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of products and possible coating technologies. Our qualified technicians will professionally improve your machines so as to make your processes more efficient and allow for extremely cost-effective production.

Non-stick properties allow for easier processing and cleaning

Sticky or creamy foods adhere to containers and tools without non-stick coating. Nozzles get clogged, weighing and filling systems deviate from their target values. Therefore, when it comes to the production of food, we use the advantages offered by non-stick coatings while at the same time creating easy-to-clean surfaces. Using particularly hardwearing polymers, our specialists create extremely smooth and virtually pore-free surfaces with excellent non-stick properties. Release agents and aggressive cleaners will become outdated, because all you have to do is wipe down the robust protective layer with a clean cloth. Not only will you save costs for consumables, but you will significantly reduce the times your machines need to be shut down due to cleaning work.

Moreover, polymer and fluoropolymer surfaces offer excellent protection against chemicals and high processing temperatures: even acids and alkalis are unable to damage the surface coating. In order to ensure a long service life for the tools and containers, the non-stick coating is firmly anchored in the base material. With our high-quality non-stick and slide coatings, our engineers have developed first-class corrosion and wear protection. This type of surface finishing reduces the efforts spent on the servicing and maintenance of your production plant.

Our food-safe surface coatings can be applied to a wide range of base materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Ceramics
  • Copper

Approved for food contact by the FDA, our plastic surface coating fulfills all relevant standards and regulations. Non-toxicity is thus guaranteed.

Each production process comes with unique tasks

Each production process comes with unique tasks

…which is why below you will find three case studies from our field of work.

  • Caramels are made from a chewy, sticky sugar mixture. During the production process, the raw mixture is flattened, cut into portions and wrapped in foil. The production process is subject to repeated interruptions, since it is repeatedly required to clean the shaping rollers and transport chutes. Naturally, this results in machine downtimes.

    TempCoat® ,high quality non-stick and slide coatings, can optimize your production processes. As improved non-stick properties keep the caramel mixture from sticking to the rollers. Thanks to the low frictional resistance, the candies quickly slide through the transport chute and onto the conveyor belt. Interruptions required for cleaning or removing any jams are thus avoided. Food-grade surface coatings by Aalberts surface technologies stand for optimized production times and reduced production costs.

  • During the manufacturing of pizza cheese, different containers and equipment constantly are exposed to oils and salts. The oil contained in the cheese sticks to any surface, the salt affects the materials, quick and easy cleaning is imperative. Usually made of stainless steel, the machine parts make it difficult to apply most non-stick coatings. Friction wear damages the coating, oil and liquids penetrate crevices between the steel and the upper layer, which quickly results in damages to the layer and surface flaking.

    Our PlasmaCoat® coating, however, is extremely wear-resistant and hard. It creates a particular surface structure and prevents the coating from suffering damages at the junction. The long life of our PlasmaCoat® coating saves money thanks to reduced downtimes and reduced spare parts costs. The machine components are less prone to corrosion, wear and need to be cleaned less often.

  • Fruit and muesli bars are made from a chewy, sticky raw mixture.After the dough has been rolled into sheets, it is cut into long strips and then into portions.Afterwards, it is sealed in foil and fed into the sales packaging.The production process is subject to frequent interruptions, e.g. by machine downtimes caused by the dough sheets' sticking to each other or the fruit bar portions' getting stuck in the transport chute.

    Spacer plates and guide rails coated with TempCoat® result in a significantly improved production process.Improved non-stick properties keep the dough sheets from sticking to each other. Thanks to improved slide properties and the low frictional resistance, the fruit bars can easily pass the transport chute and reach the packaging station.Interruptions required for cleaning or removing any jams are thus avoided. The result: reduced production costs.

We are your partner in the food industry

Our objectives are your satisfaction and your success, which is why we adapt our coating technologies to your requirements.One of the leading surface technology specialists, we cooperate with customers from all over the world to create special solutions and develop innovations.We schedule our appointments in line with your production processes so that you can rest assured that you will receive your goods in due time and in the quality you ordered.

And what if there are any disruptions?With 56 branch offices on three continents, we offer you an excellent global production network which allows us to quickly tackle any unforeseen challenges.Our experience is your guarantee for reliability and a great partnership.


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.