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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our values are our inner compass. Values fundamentally shape our actions - also within the company.

This is how we always know which way to go.

Our mission statement defines our common understanding of values within the Aalberts surface treatment Group, characterises our unique corporate culture and gives our thoughts and actions the right direction. Our values are the fundamental basis of our success. They define how we deal with customers, colleagues and partners, how we pursue our goals, make decisions and set priorities.

Each person brings their own life experiences along with their professional expertise. The sum of these daily experiences and habits are incorporated into the corporate culture just as much as the rules of the game that an organisation specifies..

Everyone knows the rules of the game from sport: it's about the performance of the individual as well as the cohesion of the team and the skill of the coach to lead his team to success. Even in companies, outstanding successes only come when everyone pulls together and everyone gives their best in order to achieve a defined target.

These are our values.

  • Shaping the future together.

    Shaping the future together.

    • Creativity and innovation shape our actions.
    • By listening, we recognise needs.
    • We act as trusting equals.
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  • Offer opportunities - demand performance.

    Offer opportunities - demand performance.

    • Honesty and respect form the foundation of our culture of success.
    • We promote and demand potential.
    • Fairness and clarity are the cornerstones of our communication.
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  • Encourage ideas - implement courageously.

    Encourage ideas - implement courageously.

    • We see curiosity as a starting point for progress.
    • We achieve today and ensure the success of tomorrow.
    • We learn from mistakes.
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  • Delight in success.

    Delight in success.

    • We set ambitious targets with enthusiasm.
    • We strive for excellence with passion.
    • We are proud of our successes and speak about them.
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  • Accept responsibility.

    Accept responsibility.

    • We heed and respect the fundamental values of our society.
    • We have a strong sense of obligation to people and the environment.
    • We stand by our word.
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Our mission

Our mission

"We deliver the highest customer satisfaction through our mission critical surface treatment processes powered by the know-how and relentless pursuit of our people.“

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Our vision

Our vision

"Aalberts surface treatment will be the leading global brand for performance enhancing coatings."

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