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Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Zwönitz

Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Zwönitz

Aalberts surface technologies in Zwönitz is your specialist for technically functional surface coatings. We refine your products with high-quality surfaces in the galvanic area in the barrel and rack process according to the latest state of the art, as well as all current standard requirements.

Welcome to Zwönitz

Werk Zwönitz

Since the foundation of Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH Zwönitz in 1977 (formerly Galvanotechnik Baum GmbH), the company has established itself as a flexible, future- oriented contract processing company. Today, the Zwönitz site, with around 200 qualified and highly motivated employees, carries out mainly technically functional but also decorative coatings of the highest quality on an industrial area of 20,000 m². A total of eleven fully and semi-automatic machines are used in Zwönitz in the rack and barrel area. Every day we refine over 300 tons of metals.

State-of-the-art computer-controlled plant technology combined with qualified personnel and a profound organization ensure an optimized price and performance spectrum. Our portfolio in Zwönitz includes individual solutions on customer request as well as the latest processes in electroplating technology.

Our services in Zwönitz


  • Zinc - barrel and rack
  • Zinc-iron - rack
  • Zinc-nickel - barrel and rack
  • Zinc phosphate - barrel and rack
  • Manganese phosphate - barrel and rack
  • Copper - barrel and rack
  • Nickel semi-bright/matt - barrel and rack
  • Shiny tin - barrel and rack
  • Copper/nickel/tin also as layer combination
  • Duplex coatings, e.g. zinc-nickel + KTL, zinc-nickel + powder coating (in cooperation)
  • Use of CrVI-free passivations (blue, transparent, thick film, black)
  • Use of sealants, topcoats, lubricants

Additional services

  • Hydrogen de-embrittlement (tempering)
  • Blast cleaning of bulk material
  • Pickling and passivation
  • Degreasing in aqueous solutions
  • Salt spray test, climate change test (corrosion test)
  • Vibratory finishing / barrel finishing (in cooperation)

Special services

  • Own research and development (pilot plant)
  • Trainings and workshops for customers
  • Precise packaging and labeling according to customer requirements
  • 100% inspections
  • Cleanliness inspections
  • Layer weight determinations
  • Micro section examinations
  • Coefficient of friction tests
  • Thermal shock tests
  • Roughness tests
  • Bracing tests
  • In addition, we certify our customers with a test certificate according to DIN EN 10204 - 3.1 free of charge for each production order.

Industries in which surface coatings from Zwönitz are used

  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

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    • Mechanical Engineering

      Mechanical Engineering

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      • Electrical Industry

        Electrical Industry

        • Two-wheeler


          Quality and know-how from Zwönitz

          Thanks to the most modern plant technology with fully and semi-automatic barrel and rack systems, metal parts up to a maximum single component weight of 15 kg can be coated in Zwönitz in the most diverse geometries. And this also in high quantities with process reliability. The maximum goods window in the rack area is 2.30 m x 1.20 m x 0.45 m.


          The advantages of the galvanic processes* in Zwönitz include:

          • High corrosion protection
          • Wear resistance
          • Higher electrical conductivity
          • Good temperature resistance
          • Chemical resistance
          • Improvement of friction and sliding properties
          • Production of a good adhesion primer for oils, varnishes etc.
          • Good flanging properties of the layers
          • Good layer thickness distribution, creation of well leveled layers

          *dependent on the type of coating

          These properties enable us to coat customers' components at the Zwönitz plant in accordance with all current standards and specifications, thus improving the product properties of the metals.

          Fields of application

          The automotive industry is the most important industry for our plant in Zwönitz, accounting for approx. 90% of our production. The zinc-nickel coating is of utmost importance here, thanks to the extremely high corrosion protection for aggregates, fasteners and chassis. During electroplating, the deposition of the coating metal takes place as an alloy layer on a workpiece.

          Contact our team, together we will find a solution for your problem!

          • Zinc-nickel screws

          • Zinc plated shafts with thread

          • Zinc plated tooth lock washer

          • Zinc plated bars

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          Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH

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          08297 Zwoenitz

          Phone +49 37754 505 0

          Fax: +49 37754 505 24

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          Holger Rohrer

          managing director

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          plant manager

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          sales manager

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          inside sales / public relations

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          Aalberts surface technologies provides safety

          We want to offer you maximum safety in the area of surface finishes.

          That is why Aalberts surface technologies locations are certified.

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