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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Luebeck

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Luebeck

We manufacture high-performance coatings using PVD and PACVD methods. Our cerid® hard coatings solve wear, corrosion or adhesion problems in engines, on tools and components just as efficiently as allergy problems concerning medical implants. With our in-line plants, we are also able to offer large-series components at attractive terms and conditions.

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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

Seelandstraße 7
23569 Luebeck

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Mon. - Thurs.: 7:30-16:15 Uhr
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sales manager

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Arash Tabatabai

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Oliver Hennes

quality manager

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Welcome to Luebeck

location Lübeck

For more than 30 years, Aalberts surface treatment Luebeck has been your problem-solver in the area of surface and material technologies thanks to extremely wear-proof and low-friction vacuum plasma coatings using PVD and PACVD methods.

Our cerid® coatings extend the service life of engines, tools and machines, thereby making a key contribution towards conserving our resources and improving productivity and performance.

Apart from coating classic industrial products, our coatings also enjoy serial application in alternative car powertrains as well as on anti-allergic medical implants.

Our services


          • Wear protection
          • Corrosion protection
          • Sliding coatings
          • Wear-resistant non-adhesive coatings
          • Allergy reduction
          • Decorative coatings
          • Biocompatible coatings

Process services

      • PVD
      • PACVD (DLC)
      • Combined electroplating/PVD coatings
      • Chrome VI substitute

Special services

        • High-quality analytics
        • Application development
        • Logistics
        • Storage
        • Polishing
        • Sandblasting
        • Assembly and disassembly
  • Thanks to their ceramic hardness and low coating thickness of only a few µm, our wear-resistant carbide coatings are eminently suitable as finish coatings. Typical serial applications include valve train components in car engines, for example.

    Our unique in-line technology makes us a preferred partner to both automobile manufacturers and suppliers. It enables us to manufacture large PVD series very economically and of maximum reproducible quality.

    In the area of forming technology, cerid® coatings prevent galling on tools and significantly increase service lives, particularly in the area of complex stainless steel forming.

  • In the area of forming technology, cerid® coatings prevent galling on tools and significantly increase service lives, particularly in the area of complex stainless steel forming.

    In the area of plastics processing (injection moulding / extrusion), cerid® coatings are used as wear protection and as non-adhesive finishes to prevent adhesion.

  • We have developed special low-friction coatings which display extraordinary anti-adhesion properties and yet very high degrees of wear resistance. They are used, e.g. on calibration parts in PVC extrusion, on sealing bars in the food industry or on tools in the area of plastics processing.

  • Using a combination of electroplated coatings and PVD, practically pore-free corrosion-protective surfaces can be achieved on components and tools. These are used in the plastics industry, for example, when halogenated fillers are used as fire retardants (aerospace). With coating systems like these, practically gas-proof tool protective coatings can be achieved (PTFE extrusion).

  • With our various DLC coating variants, manufactured using both PVD and PACVD, friction coefficients of µ < 0.1 can be achieved towards steel. DLC coatings are often used as decorative non-scratch surface finishes (colour: anthracite).

  • In the medical technology sector and especially in the area of implantology, biocompatible coatings are attributed great significance. The success of healing processes following implants in the biological system is decisively influenced by the biocompatibility of the implants themselves – particularly their surface finishes – as well as their durability, i.e. their long-term stability inside the body.

    Working with institutes and experienced implantologists, Aalberts surface treatment has dedicated resources to these topics and developed biocompatible coatings which have proved their value in clinical applications for more than 20 years.

  • The triumph of PVD coatings in energy and environment technology began with the serial production of solar panels made from amorphous silicon and/or CdTe in the 1990s. On account of the low layer thicknesses of sub-µm to only a few micrometres, significant material resources and therefore costs can be saved.

    Another key application for thin coatings is in improving the conductivity and corrosion-resistance of drive units in fuel-cell vehicles. These so-called “stacks” comprise several hundred individual stainless steel panels (usually referred to as bi-polar panels) which are subject to extreme loads during driving.

    As a preferred development and series partner to the leading German brand manufacturer, our special cerid® coatings have made a decisive contribution towards getting this innovative powertrain technology onto the road.


  • Aerospace



    • Helicopter drive components (low-friction wear protection)
    More information
  • Automotive industry

    Automotive industry


    • Car engines (wear protection)
    • Car valves (catalytical anti-soot coating)
    • Car exteriors & interiors (decorative finishes)
    • Tools for forming technology (adhesive wear)
    More information
  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry


    • Industrial plants (corrosion and wear protection)
    • Pumps (low-friction wear protection)
    • Pipeline systems (interior wear protection)
    More information
  • Food industry

    Food industry


    • Homogenisers (wear protection)
    • Film splicing (non-adhesion)
    • Sealing systems (wear protection)
    More information
  • Medical technology

    Medical technology


    • Medical implants (allergy-reduction & wear protection)
    • Medical screws (improved osseointegration)
    • Minimally-invasive components (non-adhesion)
    More information
  • Oil & gas industry

    Oil & gas industry


    • Drill head control systems (wear protection)
    More information
  • Packaging industry

    Packaging industry


    • Film splicing (non-adhesion)
    • Sealing systems (wear protection)
    More information
  • Plastics industry

    Plastics industry


    • Injection moulds (non-adhesion & wear protection)
    • Profile extrusion (non-adhesion & wear protection)
    • Heating nozzles (non-adhesion & wear protection)
    • Blow-moulding machines (wear protection)
    More information
  • Environmental technology

    Environmental technology


    • Car fuel cells (highly-conductive corrosion protection)
    • Salmon farms (electrolytical water disinfection)
  • Engineering Industry

    Engineering Industry


    • Precision components such as slide bushings, shafts etc. (low-friction wear protection)
    More information
  • Defence technology

    Defence technology


    • Armoured vehicles (anti-reflex)
    • Radar systems (low-friction wear protection)

Quality & Know-How


For more than 30 years, we have been developing coatings for the surface finishes of a wide variety of applications and sectors which significantly increase the efficiency and service life of components and tools. Using the experience offered by our experts and the possibilities afforded us by our own in-house material analysis, we develop the optimal solution for any customer. Our manifold plant technologies enable us to implement such solutions, whether they involve individual pieces or large-volume series. We avail of many years of experience in dealing with the high demands of the automotive industry, aerospace and medical technology.

Areas of application

We are certified to

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

and VDA 6.1:2016

  • Our high-vacuum continuous plants guarantee maximum quality - for large-volume individual pieces to inexpensive large-series production, e.g. of highly-stressed components for the automotive industry.

  • With our coatings for preventing smut, we make a key contribution towards improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption by combustion engines. They can be used with an on-set temperature of less than 300 degrees in both the combustion chamber and in EGR systems.

  • Maximum efficiency in cold forming: In the area of tool construction, smearing by the material to be processed on the tool surface is frequently a factor which limits service lives, especially when processing special materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. With our cerid® coatings especially developed for cold-forming stainless steel and aluminum, we reliably prevent such smearing and galling, ensuring maximum tool service lives.

  • The primary applications for PVD in the plastics processing industry are now in plastic injection moulding and PVC extrusion. With our cerid® coatings, we solve a variety of corrosion, wear and adhesion problems associated with plastics processing tools, hot runner nozzles etc.

  • Decorative and functional PVD coatings have become integral in automobiles. A steady increase in environmental specifications has been accompanied by a continuous increase in requirements, especially on wear components in engines, e.g. valve train, pistons, connecting rods etc. Accordingly, automobile manufacturers are focusing on coatings which reduce friction, thereby lowering consumption and improving the service life of expensive high-performance components by providing additional wear protection. Our unique in-line technology makes us a preferred partner to both automobile manufacturers and suppliers. It enables us to manufacture large PVD series very economically and of maximum reproducible quality.

  • In the medical technology sector and especially in the area of implantology, wear-resistant and allergy-reducing biocompatible coatings are attributed increasing significance. Our medical cerid® coatings have already proved their worth in clinical applications for more than 20 years.


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