In March 2020, our LASOX-COAT® selective coating was registered in the European patent register by the European Patent Office under European patent no. 2853616, and is therefore legally effective.

LASOX-COAT® is an innovative process for the production of wear and/or corrosion-resistant oxide layers on aluminum and titanium. What is special about the process is the use of a laser. Pointed at the surface of the workpiece to be coated in an oxygen atmosphere, it treats the surface lane by lane. Consequently, the process does not require the use of any chemicals. The laser causes the material elements on the aluminum surface of the workpiece to be treated to melt and evaporate, which results in the creation of an aluminum oxide conversion layer.

Depending on the selected process parameters, it is possible to influence the layer thickness and the degree of roughness. The simultaneous use of several laser beams can accelerate the coating process in a proportionate manner. Using this selective coating process, it is also possible to create letterings, individual lines or complex shapes and patterns. LASOX-COAT® can in fact be used on almost all aluminum alloys and titanium.

advantages of LASOX-COAT®​

The process does not involve the use of any chemicals, which is one of its major advantages. What is more, our LASOX-COAT® process offers partial protection against wear and corrosion. The aluminum oxide (corundum) generated on an aluminum surface is extremely durable and hard and does not have any micropores.

Another advantage: LASOX-COAT® plants can easily be integrated into existing production lines.

application Examples of LASOX-COAT®

Usually, LASOX-COAT® is used for the selective coating of workpiece areas that require increased wear and corrosion protection, for example in case of housing edges hit by a lid that is opening and closing or pump impellers subject to partial wear. Laser labeling or marking of aluminum components – which serves the purpose of improving documentation and traceability – are also common examples. Another application is the local hardening of surfaces created with electroless nickel plating. This allows for the selective enhancement of the material’s wear and corrosion resistance without introducing any heat into the base material.

Aalberts surface technologies offers LASOX-COAT® at its Kerpen location. If you have any further questions about the process, please get in touch with us using our contact form.

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