Since 1985, the Aalberts surface technologies specialist for excellent coating solutions with a focus on electroless nickel and electroplating (e.g. silver plating) has been located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Functional surfaces of components are refined using specially developed processes and state-of-the-art plant technology. For customers, Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. offers specialized solutions with the highest quality.

Our Eindhoven site specializes in the development and application of high-quality surface coatings and coating systems for industry and production. The coatings enable, for example, a reduction in the coefficient of friction, corrosion protection or even a non-stick coating and high electrical conductivity. In this way, mechanical as well as material problems of the components are solved.

new office building - beginning of the expansion

During the last three years, the site has steadily developed and grown, not only technically but also organizationally: “I am incredibly proud of the know-how and daily commitment of every employee here at the site. Together we are a well-coordinated team and we want to continue to grow in the future,” says Guido Heijnen, plant managing director of our surface treatment site in Eindhoven.

To be able to implement this project, new office space will first be built. This will create space for the expansion of the production areas. The demands on today’s workplaces are changing, especially due to the current challenges regarding the Corona pandemic. On the one hand, employees use and appreciate the advantages of mobile working. On the other hand, coming together in offices today takes on a new significance. “With the new premises, we are creating a place for creative collaboration and social interaction,” Guido Heijnen continues.

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plant managing director

Guido Heijnen
plant managing director