Stainihard® is a thermochemical heat treatment process developed in-house by Aalberts surface technologies intended to harden the surface of machine parts made of austenitic & duplex stainless steel material while retaining its natural properties. A major advantage here, compared to competitive processes, is that the corrosion resistance is well preserved. Depending on the application, there are diverse options within the Stainihard® process to achieve the desired properties. During this process, the surface of a product is enriched in a special way with nitrogen and carbon atoms and an expanded austenite zone is formed. The formation of this expanded austenite (also called S-phase) zone results in the surface becoming very hard (1200 – 1400 HV0.05). After the Stainihard® treatment, products can receive additional post-treatment to further optimize corrosion resistance.

This process is extremely suitable for the pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Actually, for any industry where corrosion resistance and acid resistance, but also wear resistance and anti-galling are important.

We offer the Stainihard® treatment in our location in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.


The goal will be achieved; a metal product that lasts for a long time and thereby contributes to a sustainable environmentally friendly way of producing!

Features at a glance:

  • High surface hardness
  • High resistance to abrasive wear
  • High resistance to cold welding or contact corrosion
  • Corrosion resistance is not affected, in some cases even improved
  • High resistance to shear
  • No external change
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Higher fatigue strength
  • Good dimensional and shape stability

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