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Aalberts Surface Technologies Sp. z o. o. - Dzierżoniów

Aalberts Surface Technologies Sp. z o. o. - Dzierżoniów

Welcome to Dzierżoniów

Plant in Dzierżoniów

Our plant in Dzierżoniów was established in 2013 with a completely new building, as a green-field investment of the Aalberts group. Our target markets are automotive as well as the mechanical engineering industry. We are located in the south-west, at Industrial Park and are very proud that we've created a successful, well-known and profitable business.

Our services

Surface Coatings

                • HC
                • HC PLUS
                • TE
                • SurTec 650 Cr3+ passivation
                • Bonderite ®2040 R3 Cr free passivation
                • SELGA-COAT®

Process Services

  • Hard anodizing HART-COAT® and HART-COAT® PLUS
  • Technical anodizing , including cold and lubricated
  • Selective hard anodizing SELGA-COAT®
  • Chromium 3+ passivation Surtec 650
  • Bonderite ®2040 R3 (Used for passivation of machined, stamped and forged parts)

Technical anodizing and hard anodizing HART-COAT® are treated by four coating baths, with the possibility of seal in hot water and cold sealant, and impregnating the layers with PFA. Components with the maximum dimensions of 2.45 m length, 1.3 m height and 0.6 m width and a maximum weight of 350 kg can be loaded. A complete coating batch can have a maximum total surface area of up to 1,000 dm2 in the area of HART-COAT® and even up to 2,000 dm2 in the area of technical anodizing. SELGA-COAT® technology is used for gasoline engine’s pistons. Surtec 650 is used for casted and stamped parts, and also for cold sealing. Henkel Bonderite ®2040 R3 is used for passivation of machined, stamped and forged parts.

  • Hard anodizing is a particularly versatile coating with various process variants and post-treatment options. Aluminium oxide polymer composite layers are formed through anodic oxidation of the base material and simultaneous molecular bonding of the aluminium oxide layer with polymers. The layers are very wear-resistant and hard, showing increased corrosion resistance and improved anti-friction properties.

  • Anodizing is suitable for functional as well as decorative finishing of aluminium materials. Through the process aluminium surfaces acquire good corrosion resistance and wear protection. We also offer coloured anodizing coatings.

    Technical anodizing is a coating for the functional and decorative finishing of aluminium materials. The coating takes place in an acid electrolyte at temperatures which are slightly below room temperature. The workpiece is connected as an anode. During the treatment, the workpieces` surface is converted into a porous (dense), hard and wear-resistant aluminium oxide layer. Special compression processes can close the pores and greatly improve corrosion resistance. The thickness of the layer produced depends on the intended use, the requirements imposed on the layer and the subsequent level of use.

  • SELGA-COAT® is a process for the selective galvanic finishing of metal surfaces. Defined surface areas are precisely treated. Component surface areas which are to be left uncoated are covered, inside a tool, with an integrated sealing system. An electrolyte is pumped from a reservoir into the tool and it passes between the free component surface and the tool housing. With aluminium alloys as a base material, the component surface is connected as an anode in a circuit with the tool housing opposite. Then a partial hard anodizing layer is generated on defined areas of the component.

  • Chromium-free (VI) passivation SurTec® 650 is used in immersion, spraying or wipe application processes. The chemical process produces a faintly iridescent conversion layer. Chromium-free (VI) particles are incorporated into the coating for optimum corrosion protection.

    The chrome-free (VI) passivation SurTec® 650 and aluminium yellow chromating are suitable for almost all technically interesting aluminium alloys. It is ideally suited for use in the electronics industry due to the low surface resistance as well as for the aviation industry because of the high corrosion protection on unpainted surfaces. The third industry that profits from SurTec® 650 is the automotive industry due to the sum of all characteristics of the passivation layer.


  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    • Printing machine rollers
    • thermoforming molds
    • machinery floors and walls
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  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    • Shift gearbox parts
    • brake calipers
    • brake pump bodies
    • motorbike components
    • engine pistons
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  • Other


    • Lamp bodies
    • pressurized cylinders 
    • electric cabinets
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Aalberts Surface Technologies Sp.z o.o.

ul. Strefowa 5
58-200 Dzierżoniów

Tel. +48 74 8108508

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Fri.: 7:30-16:15 Uhr

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