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Surface technology in the nonwovens industry – High operational performance under any conditions

Surface technology in the nonwovens industry – High operational performance under any conditions

Maintenance and downtime as a result of wear and tear

We are sure you are familiar with the problem - at production speeds of 1000 m/min, even lightweight plastics and nonwovens do attack the surfaces. That is why repeated and continuous operations result in the quick removal of non-stick coatings and aluminium surfaces. However, the components are subject to further stresses, such as wear caused by SAP powder, hot-melt residues and material deposits, guides and turning bars with a high coefficient of friction, adhesives sticking to vacuum drums or guides worn out by Lycra threads. These are just some of the factors that lead to downtime in the nonwovens industry.

Our customised surface coatings offer a solution

Aalberts surface technologies has developed surface coatings specifically intended for the nonwovens industry. These coatings will increase the operating time of your machines, improve your processes and reduce your costs. With special non-stick coating, it is possible, for instance, to prolong the cleaning intervals and reduce the actual cleaning time. The applied coating is virtually free from pores and has a low degree of roughness (from approx. 1.0 µm). Even stubborn adhesions can thus be easily wiped away - without the need for extra cleaners or scrapers.

With our customer-oriented coatings and our range of suitable filler materials, we master the challenge posed by the fact that each part is subject to unique requirements in regard to its role in production processes in the nonwovens industry. The result: surface coatings with superior non-stick properties and unmatched wear protection – so that you can easily tackle the growing requirements on quality and productivity.

  • The problem: The adhesive strips you can find on the bottom of sanitary towels and panty liners are applied in the course of production. Their purpose is to keep the liners in place and to ensure maximum wearing comfort. During the processing of these strips, it frequently happens that the adhesive sticks to the vacuum rollers designated for this purpose.

    The solution: TempCoat® polymer coating. When applied to a wear-resistant and smooth surface, the coating's excellent non-stick properties ensure reduced downtime and cleaning times in the nonwovens industry.

  • The problem: During the production of nonwovens, cellulose is fed through dryer Screens, which run across large rollers. The cellulose is dewatered via the dryer screens and gradually turned into web-like material. Due to the residual moisture, however, the material will quickly stick to the rollers. Combined with high production speeds, these adhesions lead to increased wear on the roller surfaces. Apart from that, there is a high risk of corrosion due to the warm and humid environment.

    The solution: A special combination of PlasmaCoat® and MagnaCoat®.

    It ensures

    • the required mechanical stability
    • excellent corrosion protection
    • superior non-stick properties
    • ideal barrier protection in an aggressive, warm and humid environment.

    Whilst increasing the company's productivity to a significant extent, these properties avoid machine downtime, expensive damages and cumbersome cleaning work.

  • The problem: During the production of nonwovens, moist webs are dried with hot air streams. Using non-contact air flotation dryers, the webs are transported through a series of air cushions at speeds of approx. 305 m/min. In order to achieve high quality, the production environment must to be impeccably clean. Another challenge is presented by the web tension: As the tension may vary when the line is started and stopped, there is a risk that moist material will stick to the nozzle surface.

    The solution: PlasmaCoat® thermal spray coating. It keeps the webs from sticking and reduces the accumulation of suspended particles. PlasmaCoat® helps achieve a significant increase in productivity, whilst avoiding machine downtime as well as cumbersome cleaning and maintenance work.

There is more to our premium surface technology for the nonwovens industry than meets the eye

Not only do our surface finishes offer corrosion protection and non-stick properties, but they come with further advantages to increase the functionality and durability of your production plant:

  • Excellent traction properties
  • First-class anti-friction properties
  • Superior corrosion protection despite the presence of moisture
  • Specified friction coefficients for ideal tension

Suitable coating processes ensure that our surface finishes become firmly anchored in a wide variety of base materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Ceramics
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Alloys

On-Site for customers all over the world

With more than 3,000 employees on three continents, we have been creating a network of knowledge and capacity for nearly 60 years now. Our coating plants are designed for large production capacities, for it is important to us to be a reliable partner to you. That is why we guarantee absolute adherence to schedules and delivery dates as well as consistently high quality. Our expert consultants for surface technology in the nonwovens industry will be happy to inform you about our innovative and partially patented premium products. Your personal contact will assist you in searching for a coating solution that perfectly matches your individual application. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us - we will be happy to assist you.

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