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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Surface technology from Moers

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - Surface technology from Moers

Aalberts surface treatment in Moers is your specialist for thermal spraying as well as traction and wear coating of components.

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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

An der Cölve 12
47447 Moers

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Mon. - Thur.: 8:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Fri.: 8:30 - 15:00 Uhr

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Rainer Schwetzke

managing director

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Bernd Schmidt

engineering manager

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Christian Knopp

sales engineer

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Matthias Wellers

sales engineer

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Birgit Elbers

customer service

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Silvia Ulbrich

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customer service

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Albert Ulrich

production manager

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Volker Dunst

production planning

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Welcome to Moers

location Moers

In 2019, the former GF-Flamm-Metallspritz GmbH Moers (founded in 1979) was integrated into the Aalberts Group and renamed Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH. With our coating solutions, we improve both the protection and functionality of new parts and repair stressed and worn components.

In addition to coatings by various thermal spraying processes, Aalberts surface treatment Moers also provides the necessary mechanical pre-machining and finishing. This includes processes such as turning, honing, lapping and grinding as well as superfinishing. If required, we can also carry out the coating on your premises.

Our services for surface technology in Moers

We know the technology of our customers, the function of their components and the requirements in use. For us, cooperation based on partnership is the basis for an optimal solution to your individual problems. Technical know-how, qualified employees and efficient machines and plants guarantee short delivery times with excellent coating quality and precise dimensional accuracy.

Process services

  • Coating by thermal spraying
  • Pre-machining and finishing by turning, grinding, honing, superfinishing
  • Repair and overhaul of worn components
  • Preventive wear and corrosion protection of new parts
  • Functional coatings for special surface properties

Coating materials

  • Molybdenum
  • Chrome/chrome-nickel steels
  • Hard metals from tungsten and chromium carbide
  • Nickel- and cobalt-based hard alloys
  • Nickel-chromium alloys
  • Bronze
  • White metal

Special services

  • Technical advice on coating selection and design
  • Application-oriented layer development
  • Quality assurance layer and component testing
  • Complete production of coated components
    • Powder flame spraying
    • Wire flame spraying
    • Flame spraying and melting down
    • High velocity flame spraying
    • Arc spraying
    • Turning
    • Grinding
    • Honing
    • Superfinishing
  • Machinery

    Ø (mm)

    length/ height (mm)

    weight (t)

    injection bench




    spray lathe




    Turning & Support Loops




    cylindrical grinding




  • The rise in the performance and productivity of machinery and equipment increases the stress on the components and requires additional measures to secure the function. Highly stressed surfaces must be protected so that they can withstand the loads. Wear-resistant coatings ensure functionality, increase the service life and provide the desired properties. Many applications are only possible through an application of a coating by thermal spraying.

  • Wear is one of the undesirable side effects in the industrial environment when moving parts are in contact. Changes in part geometry or surface properties lead to a lack of the function or even the failure of the system. With thermal sprayed coatings, the geometry and function of worn components can be recovered and further improve the properties of the surface. Due to our experience we make your components reusable for their application.

Industries in which surface technology from Moers is used

  • Paper Industry

    Paper Industry


    • Supporting and carrying rollers of winders
    • Paper and wire guide rolls
    • (powder flame spraying)
    More information
  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry


    • Compressor components such as piston rods
    • cylinders
    • cylinder liners
    • valve spindles
    • (high-speed flame spraying, wire flame spraying)
    More information
  • Kraftwerkstechnik



    • Plain bearing and sealing seats of turbine and compressor rotors
    • (high-speed flame spraying, wire flame spraying)
  • Transmission and drive technology

    Transmission and drive technology


    • Bearing and coupling seats of drive shafts
    • Bearing bores of gear housings or gears
    • (high-speed flame spraying, wire flame spraying)
    More information
  • Rail Industry

    Rail Industry

    • Oil & Gas Industry

      Oil & Gas Industry

        More information
      • Engineering Industry

        Engineering Industry

          More information
        • Defense


          • Other


            Quality & Know-How


            Thermal spray applications include wear and corrosion protection, electrical and thermal insulation or conductivity, and the generation of certain friction and sliding properties. Thermal spraying is ideal for stressed and worn components to restore geometry and function. Through the targeted selection of the coating material and the coating process, we can also guarantee longer service lives and optimum functioning of the component.

            Application examples

            • Slide bearing and sealing seats of turbines and compressor rotors
            • Bearing and coupling seats of drive shafts
            • Piston rods and cylinder running surfaces of compressors
            • Bearing bores of pedestal bearings, gear housings or gear wheels
            • Erosion and corrosion protection of turbomachinery components
            • Fan blades and conveying elements


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