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Sealing of aluminum surfaces

Sealing of aluminum surfaces

The nanoscopic architecture of the lotus plant keeps moisture and dirt from sticking to its surface, which is why a similar phenomenon is referred to as the lotus effect. Our SILA-COAT® 5000 sealing process can create this very effect. Aalberts surface treatment is your partner when it comes to the homogeneous sealing of aluminum surfaces.

SILA-COAT® 5000 is a high-performance clear coat applied to the surfaces of aluminum alloys with the aim of sealing them. SILA-COAT® 5000 is created in a three-step process:

1. Pre-treatment tailored to the respective aluminum material

2. Conversion treatment

3. Sealing by means of electrophoretic dip coating

SILA-COAT® 5000 increases the surface's resistance to corrosion, while significantly enhancing its alkali resistance. The dip coating's regular network structure seals and levels the surface.

SILA-COAT<sup>®</sup> 5000 dip coating

Our aluminum surface treatment creates very even layers, also on complex components with interior surfaces, such as drillings or cavities. SILA-COAT® 5000 is biocompatible and safe for use with food according to the FDA regulations. This type of coating results in good resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

The process can be varied by the application of different interlayers, which also define the color of the coating. A conversion layer creates a golden surface, whereas interlayers created with HART-COAT® hard anodizing and technical anodizing change the color impression towards a metallic gray and black.

The advantages of SILA-COAT® 5000 at a glance:

  • Extremely high resistance to alkalis
  • High corrosion protection
  • Surface leveling
  • High dielectric strength
  • Good UV resistance
  • Safe for use with food according to the FDA regulations
  • No cytotoxicity according to ISO 10 993-5 (biocompatibility)
  • Even layer structure
  • Dip coating thickness: 25 µm ±5 µm

Our SILA-COAT® 5000 process creates surface coatings for aluminum parts, such as wrought and cast aluminum alloys. Upon request, we will be happy to check the coatability of other base materials.

Good dielectric strength and high corrosion resistance make SILA-COAT® 5000 interesting when it comes to electrical components. When applied to such components, this coating solution prevents the formation of oxide layers. SILA-COAT® 5000 anodic dip coating (also referred to as ADC) can also be used whenever aluminum components need to be cleaned with alkaline media. Concrete fields of use include food processing, packaging plants, laboratories, medical technology and gastronomy. Dip coating can be used to apply even and smooth layers to component areas which are difficult to access (e.g. cavities or drillings). Where required, an anodized interlayer should be applied as well.

SILA-COAT® 5000 is used, for example, in the following sectors:

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