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Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT Ltd.

Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT Ltd.

Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT Ltd. is a long established and highly regarded applicator of coatings onto plastics and provides first-class coating services. Our speciality is the application of optically clear coatings to flat, 2D and 3D thermoplastics to enhance their abrasion, chemical and UV resistance. Further available properties include anti-fog, anti-static, non-glare and metallisation.

Welcome to Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT Ltd. (previously Optical Coating Technologies Ltd)

building tamworth OCT

Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT Ltd. can look back on more than 20 years of successfully operating a modern specialist coating facility located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, at the heart of the United Kingdom. We are your premium partner for professional plastics coating and outstanding coating services.

Multiple application methods are available, including vapour deposition, dip, spray and flow. This variety enables us to use the most cost-effective and technically best coating method for each product.

Our Services

Optically clear coatings can be applied by vapour deposition, spray, dip or flow coating, depending on the size, form and properties required for the finished component.

We fabricate and supply large format sheets in thicknesses from 1mm to 12mm with optically clear, non-glare and anti-static properties applied to one or both sides.

Coating Properties

  • Abrasion-resistant coatings
  • Chemical-resistant coatings
  • UV-resistant coatings
  • Gold coating
  • Dirt/Grime-resistant coating
  • Anti-fog/Anti-mist coatings
  • Non-glare coatings
  • Graffiti-resistant coatings
  • Anti-static coatings

Process Services

Optically clear coatings can be applied by spray, dip or flow coating, depending on the size, form and properties required for the finished component.

Special Services

  • Versatile production processes
  • No minimum batch sizes
  • Fast turn-around options


  • Personal protection equipment

    Personal protection equipment


    • Goggles 
    • Welding visors
    • Police – riot shields, visors
    • Military – gas mask lenses
    • Fire service – face shields, thermal imaging camera housings
  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry


    • Headlamp lenses
    • Interior and exterior trim
    • Glazing for off road vehicles
    • Fly screens
    More information
  • Engineering



    • Guarding
    • Instrument covers
    More information
  • Rail Industry

    Rail Industry


    • Train headlamps
    • Trackside signage
    • Passenger information displays
  • Medical Industry

    Medical Industry


    • Instrument covers 
  • Architectural Industry

    Architectural Industry


    • Glazing
    • Lighting 
  • Electrical equipment

    Electrical equipment

    • Signage - information display signs, public transport applications and visual displays

Quality & Know-How


Our thermally or UV cured coatings are applied in purpose-built clean rooms with a wide range of application methods, including vapour deposition, dip, flow and spray coating.

The applied coatings will add value and considerably extend the life of your product, both in terms of usability and appearance, by improving abrasion as well as chemical and UV resistance. They can also add other properties such as anti-static and anti-fog.

With our vapour deposition equipment, we are also able to apply gold onto polycarbonate. This process is carried out under vacuum and uses gold at a purity of 99.99%.

In addition to our coating capabilities, we are a leading stockist and supplier of coated plastic sheet material from 1mm to 12mm thick. With our in-house fabricating equipment large format sheets in your required final size can be supplied with a number of different coatings . The coated sheets are ideal for use in either interior or exterior applications and can be supplied with different types of coating on either one or both sides.

We are BSI accredited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Your professional service partner for plastics coating: Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT is the premier applicator of optically clear coatings onto thermoplastics.

  • Abrasion & chemical resistant coated headlamp covers.

  • Abrasion & chemical resistant and anti-fog coated face visors.

  • Abrasion & chemical resistant coated gear knob motif.

  • Abrasion resistant coated face visor.

  • Abrasion & chemical resistant coated headlights covers.

Contact & Directions

Aalberts Surface Treatment OCT Ltd.

Unit 8, Lagrange, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate
B79 7XD Tamworth, Staffordshire
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 1827 634 89

Fax: +44 1827 519 18

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Mon. - Thurs.: 8:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Fri.: 8:30 - 18:00 Uhr

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Aalberts surface treatment offers security

With everything we do, we offer the greatest possible security.

That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

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