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Aalberts Surface Technologies  - Tatabánya

Aalberts Surface Technologies - Tatabánya

Aalberts surface technologies in Tatabánya is your expert in the field of high-quality functional coatings whether we are talking about coatings providing corrosion protection or about fluoropolymer coatings providing resistance to wear and tear, non-stick properties and reduction of friction or about powder coatings and solvent- or water-based coatings offering decorative and weatherproof solutions.

Welcome to Tatabánya

Our Group offers its Services at over 50 locations around the world in addition to keeping in mind to be near the customers (Right-In-Your-Backyard) and to offer the uniform intragroup standards of quality and technology (Worldwide Quality Coatings) and a wide range of possible services (One-Stop-Shop) .

Our plant in Tatabánya built in 1999 as a greenfield investment currently following four extension steps. We have a production area of 7 800 m² where coating of metal parts for hire can be carried out with fully automated equipment.

Through our modern technology, our highly motivated staff and our Organisation striving to achieve continuous improvement and efficiency and thanks to the high quality requirements, we are proudly able to offer our partners a flexible service, high-quality products and fair prices.

We offer serial and unique and special surface treatments developed for the automotive industry, railway industry, building of agricultural machines, food industry and construction industry.

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  • Zink flake coatings are clearcoatings consisting of zink and aluminium flakes, its great advantage is that a high corrosion resistance will be provided for the coated metal parts, even by a low layer thickness (8-30 µm). In the dip spinning processs such coating material will be applied to the surface of the prepared mass products and - due to the low baking temperatures - this process is also suitable for surface treatment of heat-treated parts and high-strength fasteners without hydrogen embrittlement. This coating system provides a cathodic protection for the coated parts and in this protection the zink and aluminium flakes appear as about victims in the corrosion process, activating and protecting the base metal against formation of red rust in this way.

    By using the dip spinning process we offer Dörken Delta MKS (Delta-Protekt, Delta-Tone, Delta-Seal) and MAGNI (Magni 565, Magni 560, Magni 595) coatings, typical areas of application are connecting elements for brakes and seat belts, springs, fasteners, lock parts used in the automotive industry.

  • KTL coating is one of the most common systems used for corrosion protection. Since 2008 we offer it to parts made of steel, aluminium and galvanized sheet. In addition to normal layer thickness (10-25µm) ,our equipment is also suitable for surface treatments with higher layer thickness (40-60 µm). The method and thus the coating system complies with the most common standards of the machine manufacturers in the automotive industry and in the agriculture sector. This coating is perfect for priming of outdoor components with high requirements prior to the powder coating or it can also serve as topcoat of galvanized products and products with zinc coating. The KTL coating provides a cost-effective and high-quality protection whether we are talking about plate components in the engine compartment or about lock parts exposed to wear.

  • Our modern, automated and flexibly programmable equipment enables us to carry out even the surface treatment of demands in small quantity and of large series parts effectively. Powder coating of parts pre-treated by using this method (of parts with KTL-, zinc coating or of anodized parts) or surface treatment of raw parts - following their integrated degreasing – are also possible.

    Due to the nature of the technology even coatings and colors according to individual customer requirements are possible. Areas of application are: outdoor automotive components, construction products.

  • In addition to powder coating,we made also the application of wet paints (solvent-or water-based ) under standard conditions possible by increasing the flexibility of our automated paint sprayer. In the painting cabine integrated in the conveyor system we are able to apply mainly zinc flake coatings (Dörken and MAGNI) and polymer coatings (TempCoat , ChemCoat) to hanging parts. The combination of coatings and applied spraying method allows the use of low layer thicknesses (20-50 µm) and it offers cost-effective solutions, in addition to fulfilling the features expected from the coating. Areas of application: brake parts for automotive and railway vehicles, parts of agricultural machines, fasteners for wind turbines, springs ,parts of food processing equipment.

  • By using this service the surface treatment of products will be possible that are – on account of their quantity, complex geometry, special treatment or on account of special nature of the coating itself – not suitable to be prepared on automated equipment.


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In addition to our quality assurance system certified by TÜV are high-quality coatings, punctuality, reliability and flexibility of primary concern. By means of our modern equipment and committed staff we offer innovative coating systems that meet the industrial expectations largely.

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