Implementation of the system at the customer

In order to reduce logistical routes and the associated time and costs, the system is designed to be implemented in the customer’s production process. The compact design and modularity allows an economic advantage for the customer even with average volumes.

Aalberts surface technologies has already put plants into operation in China, the USA, Brazil, Turkey and various EU countries. The plants are tailor-made according to the customer’s specifications. The installation is then carried out by our qualified personnel at the customer’s site, thus guaranteeing a smooth start of production.

We offer additional services for this process. These include electrolyte supply via riag Oberflächentechnik AG, a spare parts service and the option of concluding a maintenance contract.

Future-oriented procedure

The technical properties of the surface also show a higher quality. Due to the fast layer build-up of approx. 12 µm in less than 1 minute, the surface obtains a homogeneous structure and, compared to traditional coating, allows a lower roughness of the surface. This also has an effect on the general performance characteristics of the produced hard anodizing. The treated components show an optimized corrosion protection, better electrical insulation values and higher hardness. At the same time, the tolerances of the coating thickness can be more closely defined.

Originally, this process was used for the refinement of engine pistons. Continuous further development and optimization has now established SELGA-COAT® for various components such as valve housings, heat exchangers, transmission components, valve units, steering systems and hydraulic units. The increasing demand in the field of e-mobility has led to additional applications such as DC-DC housings and busbars/contact plates.

Based on the fact that the requirements to reduce costs and to manufacture in a more environmentally friendly way are becoming more and more important in our industry, we at Aalberts surface technologies with the fully automated SELGA-COAT® process are already today trend-setting and sustainable.