In cooperation with its long-standing partner Krautzberger, Aalberts surface technologies is improving the application of its bonded coating systems with smaller spray guns.

The core competence of the Solingen site of Aalberts surface technologies is functional sliding and special coatings. A robust sliding coating comes into play when frictional forces act permanently on components. After all, the right coating makes all the difference, so the material is preserved and protected for a long time. However, the coating systems not only improve the sliding properties of functional surfaces, but also provide lasting corrosion protection without lubricating greases and oils or also reduce disturbing noises in vehicles, machines and systems. Since 1990, the coating systems, known under the brand name GLISS-COAT®, have been developed and constantly optimized in the in-house laboratory at the Solingen site. This also applies to the application of the bonded coating systems.

There are various application processes available, depending on the geometry, number of pieces and material of the components to be coated. Three of them are fully automated. For bulk materials, for example, a specially adapted hot-drum coating process is used. Our flat spraying system is used when the components can be placed horizontally on a sheet. Depending on the complexity of the component, a single or double pass is used. For circular components, the coating is carried out on three round spraying machines. Up to 15 million components per year are coated on these systems in Solingen. These include solenoid valve armatures for switchgear and brake systems for the automotive industry. The coating is applied evenly within narrow tolerances.

Small batches or very large components can, of course, also be coated. In this case, a manual application is used.

exploiting optimization potential

“Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority and that is why we always demand of ourselves to produce efficiently, in a resource-saving manner and with high quality. In order to achieve this goal, we always keep an eye on optimizing our processes. How can we find and exploit potential for improvement? For the continuous further development of our coating systems, we have therefore now adapted the spraying technology of the rotary spraying systems in cooperation with our partner Krautzberger. For this purpose, various tests were carried out in the Krautzberger technical centre with our coating material. Thanks to Krautzberger’s great commitment, we were able to design an optimized application technique in the end,” says Sascha Kurzhals, project engineer at Aalberts surface technologies.

Therefore, the application technique was adapted because the high density of functional pigments repeatedly caused clogging of the gun nozzles during the coating process. Moreover, the settling of the material in the hose required a regular rinsing process every 2-3 hours. The high quality requirements, e.g. for the layer thicknesses, could only be met in this way.

Small spray applicators from Krautzberger provided the solution here. In particular, the two opposing aspects of flowability and function were brought together. The smaller applicators not only have smaller channels, but also a special material nozzle and needle with a small extension at the outlet reduces build-up to a minimum. Obstructions of the gun nozzles are prevented by the fact that higher conveying speeds can be used at the same pressure. This also improves the delivery of the material through the hose. Smaller equipment, big effect. No more clogged nozzles and a single preventive flushing operation per shift cycle contribute to both a reduction in material consumption and the avoidance of rejects. This reduces costs and increases productivity.

This is a successful project that the two partners, Aalberts surface technologies and Krautzberger, are proud of.

Having 110 years of experience, Krautzberger GmbH is a leader in the design and development of first-class quality products, such as spray guns, pressure vessels, lifting devices or even complete systems, for efficient and precisely fitting application and surface technology. Therefore, Krautzberger products have a wide range of applications and are represented in various branches of industry. 

“We are glad to have Krautzberger at our side as a partner who works with us to find solutions to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for product quality and productivity even better. A successful project all round,” says Sascha Kurzhals.

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project engineer

Sascha Kurzhals
project engineer