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Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Kirchheim near Munich

Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH - Surface technology in Kirchheim near Munich

Aalberts surface technologies in Kirchheim near Munich is your specialist for optimal surface coatings, with focus on hard anodizing and electroless nickel plating. With specially developed processes we improve the functional surfaces of your components.

Welcome to Kirchheim near Munich

Plant in Kirchheim near Munich

Since 1989, the former AHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH has been producing at its site in Munich / Kirchheim. In 2019 we are renamed Aalberts surface technologies in Kirchheim near Munich.

We achieve our growth through constant process optimisation and the highest quality demands on ourselves. The resulting customer satisfaction confirms our performance and our daily work. We consistently invest in the further development of our plant in order to meet our constantly growing customer requirements in the future as well.

Our production offers hard anodizing with the following processes: HART-COAT® and electroless nickel plating: DURNI-COAT® (DNC) and DURNI-COAT®-AL (DNC-AL). Sealing and tempering complete our portfolio.

In Kirchheim near Munich we check every process carefully and have the highest demands on quality. This is also underlined by our own on-site laboratory.

Managing Director

"Together, our entire team develops market-driven services and new processes with the highest quality requirements, which guarantee economic success for us and our customers.“

Our services in Kirchheim near Munich


  • Hard anodizing HART-COAT®
  • Electroless nickel plating DURNI-COAT®
  • Technical anodizing

Process services

  • Analysis of material coating
  • Cleaning
  • Preparation, masking, covering
  • Blasting with corundum
  • Sealing
  • Tempering

Special services

  • 100% control
  • Assembly operations
  • Technical advice and project support
  • Rack construction

Industries in which top coating from Kirchheim is used

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

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    • Aerospace Industry

      Aerospace Industry

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    • Automotive Industry

      Automotive Industry

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      • Medical Industry

        Medical Industry

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        • Defense Technology

          Defense Technology

          Coating services from Kirchheim near Munich

          • HART-COAT®

            HART-COAT® process, or HC for short, is an electrolytic treatment of aluminum, the result of which is the formation of a hard and thick aluminum oxide layer. With the HART-COAT® surface treatment we hard anodize in Kirchheim near Munich workpieces which require the highest degree of corrosion protection, wear resistance, dimensional accuracy, anti-friction behavior or insulation. HART-COAT® coatings are characterized by good adhesion to the base material. Compared to conventional anodized coatings, HART-COAT® coatings are thicker and more wear-resistant.

            HART-COAT® surface finishing is used in almost all technical areas where aluminum parts are used that are subject to special functional requirements.

            Suitable base materials:

            HC for wrought aluminum alloys as well as sand and permanent mold cast

            HC-CU for aluminum alloys with a high copper content

            HC-GD for die-cast aluminum alloys

          • HART-COAT® sealing

            HC sealing to close the pores is usually carried out in fully demineralised water between 96 °C and 100 °C. This further increases the already good corrosion resistance of the HART-COAT® coatings.

          • HART-COAT®-PLUS surface treatment with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

            Improved sliding and corrosion behavior. The PTFE particles are subsequently applied to the HART-COAT® layer = optimum dry lubrication properties. Anti-adhesion behavior facilitates cleaning of the surface.

          • HART-COAT®-PLUS 2 surface impregnation with PFA/PTFE

            Dry-lubricants are incorporated into the surface finish. The anti-friction properties remain intact even when the surface is subject to abrasive wear.

          • DURNI-COAT®

            DURNI-COAT® is a process for the chemical nickel plating of metals (electroless nickel). In this process, the coating takes place as a chemical deposition without an external power source.

            The performance spectrum of DURNI-COAT® coatings ranges from chemical resistance, dimensional stability and optimum sliding behavior to electrical conductivity and increased hardness. The coatings are deposited true to contour and uniformly. This ensures optimum finishing even for geometrically complex components.

            The three most demanded properties when applying electroless nickel coatings are wear protection, corrosion resistance and contour accuracy. These are followed by solderability, favorable friction behavior, high ductility and certain magnetic properties.

            Electroless nickel DURNI-COAT® is suitable for surface refinement of all low-alloy ferritic steels, cast iron materials, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass or bronze, aluminium alloys and sintered metal materials.

            Suitable base materials:

            DNC 520 for iron materials and non-ferrous metals

            DNC 571 for iron materials and non-ferrous metals

            DNC-Al 520 for aluminum and aluminum alloys

            DNC-AL 571 for aluminum and aluminum alloys

          • Technical anodizing

            Technical anodizing is a coating for the functional, but also decorative refinement of aluminum. The coating is applied in an acid electrolyte at temperatures slightly below room temperature. The workpiece is connected as anode. In the course of the treatment, the workpiece surface is transformed into a porous (dense), hard and wear-resistant aluminum oxide layer. By sealing the pores are closed and the corrosion resistance is greatly improved. The layer thickness varies between 10 and 30 µm depending on the intended use and alloy.

            Technically anodised aluminum parts offer good corrosion and wear protection in almost all industries.


          In sum, our coatings are used wherever the following surface properties are required:

          • High wear resistance
          • Improved corrosion resistance
          • Increase of hardness
          • Optimal gliding behaviour
          • Optimum layer bonding
          • High thermal insulation
          • High electrical insulation effect
          • Good dimensional stability
          • Temperature stability
          • Food safety

          Fields of application

          In our factory, for example, the following components are coated:

          • Aluminum control plates with fine channel structures for dialysis machines
          • Spacer bushes for rear wheels
          • Push buttons for insulin pens for diabetics
          • Guidance systems for cargo containers in the aviation sector
          • Hydraulic control pins for the seat adjustment on jet boats
          • Fuel pump parts
          • Bearing bolts for the motor vehicle gearbox suspension of motorcycles

          Let's find a solution for your requirements!

          • Air filter for a compressor

          • Employee on the HART-COAT® production line

          • Employee clamping suction cover for petrol pumps

          • Employee on the DURNI-COAT® production line

          • Input shafts for the engine

          • Employee doing a microscope analysis in the laboratory

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          Aalberts Surface Technologies GmbH

          Klausnerring 28
          85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten

          Phone +49 89 990241-0

          Fax: +49 89 990241-10

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          Mo. - Fr.: 7:30 - 16:15

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          Contact Partners

          Peter Stadler

          managing director

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          Arne Lasius

          quality manager

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          Axel Lüling

          production manager

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          Horst Bogdanski

          service center

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          Aalberts surface technologies offers security

          We want to offer you the greatest possible security in the field of surface finishing.

          That is why our Aalberts surface technologies sites are certified.

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