Measures in response to the Corona crisis

In the current context of the Corona crisis, Michel Basler would like to pay tribute to the involvement of the employees, which has enabled the company to remain in business. It has adapted to the demands of its customers, some of whom deliver equipment to healthcare personnel.

The managing director has taken rapid action in consultation with the staff to continue the activity. In particular, he organized teleworking from the outset, the implementation of hygiene-keeping measures, spacing out the workstations, regularly disinfecting critical areas, adapting working hours and breaks. As a gesture of solidarity, the Pulversheim-based company donated masks, gloves and overalls for hospitals.

In addition, colleagues from Aalberts have been involved in the manufacture and installation of respirators worldwide, developed a system of hospital beds with negative pressure (so as not to contaminate the nursing staff) and manufactured visors in 3D printing.