Aalberts surface technologies in Pulversheim, France, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, employing around 30 people. The site on the Upper Rhine (Département Haut-Rhin) specializes in surface treatment to improve the technical characteristics of metal parts. Michel Basler, the new site manager who arrived in 2018, has already invested heavily to diversify and modernize the company. The company has taken the necessary measures to continue its activity in a period of containment.

The Pulverhseim site was bought in 2015 by the Dutch Aalberts N.V. and changed its name on January 2019.

As a subcontractor in a niche market, Aalberts surface technologies brings its know-how in coating metal parts in order to improve their technical characteristics (non-stick, anti-rust etc.) and extend their lifespan. For example, we work for the railway industry, treating bearings placed under the rails. The company is able to analyze the needs of its customers and offer tailor-made solutions. The company, which initially specialized in the automotive industry, has diversified considerably. The key account customers appreciate the company’s responsiveness, reliability and sense of service.

Investment program in Pulversheim and networking within the region

In production, the company employs about twenty people and has chosen to invest in a reinforced quality team. Thus, all quality controls are now carried out internally.

Since the arrival of Michel Basler, an investment program has been launched to diversify the activity, improve flows and ergonomics. Two buildings have been connected, this development has enabled production to be reorganized and efficiency to be improved. Aalberts has also given the green light for future investments that will automate and thus improve the team’s working conditions.

Thanks to the support of ADIRA, a French association for economic development in Alsace, Aalberts surface technologies Pulversheim benefited from a diagnosis of the Industry of the future which confirmed the leads already defined internally and will have support from the Greater East Region for the first phase of investment. For example, the acquisition of an exoskeleton is being considered, which could facilitate the handling of heavy parts.

Michel Basler wants to get involved in terms of territorial anchoring and create a network with the other companies present in the area.

Measures in response to the Corona crisis

Aalberts surface technologies pulversheim production hall
HVOF Pulversheim
A new building that enables communication between the two halls.

HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) spraying allow to spray at a speed of 4-5 times the speed of sound (MACH 4) hard and waterproof metallic layers, with a thickness of about 50 microns per layer.

In the current context of the Corona crisis, Michel Basler would like to pay tribute to the involvement of the employees, which has enabled the company to remain in business. It has adapted to the demands of its customers, some of whom deliver equipment to healthcare personnel.

The managing director has taken rapid action in consultation with the staff to continue the activity. In particular, he organized teleworking from the outset, the implementation of hygiene-keeping measures, spacing out the workstations, regularly disinfecting critical areas, adapting working hours and breaks. As a gesture of solidarity, the Pulversheim-based company donated masks, gloves and overalls for hospitals.

In addition, colleagues from Aalberts have been involved in the manufacture and installation of respirators worldwide, developed a system of hospital beds with negative pressure (so as not to contaminate the nursing staff) and manufactured visors in 3D printing.

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