Aalberts surface technologies continues to grow. The company, which with more than 50 plants worldwide is one of the largest suppliers of functional and decorative hard coatings, is expanding its Lübeck site.

In Lübeck, high-performance coatings for medical and pharmaceutical technology, metal and plastics processing, the automotive industry and renewable energies have been produced in the PVD and PACVD processes with the highest precision and quality for over 30 years. A wafer-thin coating with a hard material layer gives even hardened steels a quasi-ceramic character. The result is a significantly longer service life.

Expansion and modernization in Lübeck

After continuous expansion and modernization in recent years, the Lübeck site, the PVD center of the Aalberts Group, now has eight PVD systems, three of which are inline systems. Coating of components of all kinds – from individual parts to small and large series – is thus possible in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

Industrial customers benefit from the high-quality PVD coatings because they increase the service life of components and tools many times over. Companies thus produce more cost-effectively, more efficiently and with less use of resources. Thanks to a powerful research and development department, Aalberts surface technologies also offers application-specific solutions for individual customer requirements and special coatings that have to withstand extreme operating conditions.

PVD coatings in the automotive and medical industry

Medical PVD coatings for wear and allergen reduction in knee, hip and dental implants increase the service life of the implants and thus the quality of life of the patients. In addition, Aalberts surface technologies impressively demonstrated its leading role in coating solutions for alternative drive systems with a first car fuel cell series for one of Germany’s leading car manufacturers.

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