Livonia, Michigan  – Aalberts surface technologies, a leading global provider of specialized thermal processing, surface treatment, and material coating solutions, announced today that it is making changes to its U.S. portfolio in response to changing market dynamics. Aalberts surface technologies has made investments in its Canton, OH facility, adding austempering capabilities which will provide a logistically favorable option to customers located in the Midwestern, Eastern, and Northeastern U.S. markets. To balance the capacity available in the market with demand, the company will be closing its plant in Ft Smith, AR.

“The expansion of our austempering capabilities in Canton, OH provides current and prospective customers in the area with an opportunity to take advantage of our best-in-class value proposition while not having to absorb added logistical costs to do so. The decision to exit the austempering market in the South was a difficult one, but the market for austempering in the addressable market for our Ft Smith, AR plant simply is not sufficient to sustain the operation.  We recognize the hardships that this difficult decision may create and will be working with our Ft Smith Team to minimize the impact as much as possible, including exploring opportunities at one of the many other Aalberts locations,” says Steve Wyatt, President of Aalberts surface ­technologies – HIP ­­­­­­­|­­ braze | heat treatment.

austempering capabilities

The austempering capabilities in Canton, OH will startup in mid-February 2024 and be fully production ready by the end of March 2024. The decommissioning of the Ft Smith, AR plant will begin in mid-February 2024, with production expected to cease when we have completed working with our customers to transition their product, but not later than April 2024.

“We are focused on optimizing our portfolio around the globe; this initiative is about responding to what the market needs and where it is needed. In our business, logistics is a significant percentage of the total cost of our services, therefore, we must constantly be seeking ways to minimize that cost for our customers. We are committed to growing in the U.S. and look forward to partnering with our customers to develop solutions that contribute to our mutual success,” says Oliver Jäger, CEO of Aalberts surface technologies.

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Aalberts surface technologies has five divisions on three continents and is part of the worldwide leading and globally positioned technology company Aalberts N.V. which has 132 locations worldwide and more than 14,000 employees. Aalberts is committed to adaptation and innovation with a clear focus on customers.

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