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Aerospace: coating & plating
- perfectly prepared for takeoff with us

Qualified and certified: For decades, the aerospace industry has relied on the sophisticated and highly developed coating processes implemented by Aalberts surface technologies. Our company specializes in state-of-the-art aerospace coatings (aircraft plating, electroplating, anodizing, etc.) and numerous OEM and customer approvals speak for themselves. Not only is the perfect surface of measurably high quality, but it is tailored to your individual needs.

Aerospace: coating & plating  - perfectly prepared for takeoff with us

Aircraft coatings & platings for corrosion protection: light, robust and durable

In our search for new technologies, we cooperate closely with our long-standing customers. When doing so, we make use of our expert knowledge and certified methods. Our engineers focus on corrosion protection in the aerospace and defence sectors: our aerospace coatings and surface finishes provide components with long-term protection against damages caused by environmental influences. Maintenance and repair costs can thus be reduced to a significant extent. Examples include components for cargo loading systems of passenger and cargo planes.

Together we are strong

Aalberts surface technologies, with its 19 factories, is the surface technology specialist within Aalberts N.V., a global player with 16452 employees at 154 plants in more than 20 countries. The Aalberts surface technologies group works closely with aerospace experienced french coating companies DEC and SGI, which also part of Aalberts. All companies see themselves as quality service providers and ensure the highly functional finishing of components and component groups used worldwide by leading manufacturers of aircraft, helicopters, satellites, rockets and space stations.

... 3, 2, 1, Zero – When every gram counts

Satellites, probes and space shuttles must function reliably under the extreme conditions in space. That is why aerospace coatings are subject to specific requirements. Apart from that, repairs and the procurement of spare parts are far more complicated in space than on Earth. Failures in the aerospace industry often result in high costs.

  •  As is the case with the construction materials, the coatings used in the aerospace industry must be as lightweight as possible in order to save fuel and allow for reserves.
  • Collisions with small meteorites or asteroids can damage the components, which is why the surface coating must offer extreme impact protection.
  • The coatings' resistance to corrosion has a positive effect on the components' durability, and thus on their economic efficiency.

IVD aluminium coating: Efficient against corrosion

Apart from anodizing, hardanodizing, plasma coating and varnishing processes, ion-assisted aluminium coatings have become well established in the aerospace industry.

After degreasing and sandblasting, the workpiece is transferred into a chamber for vacuum coating, where its surface is cleaned by means of plasma glow discharge. Immediately afterwards, it is vaporised with electrically charged aluminium powder.The result: efficient corrosion protection at temperatures between 0 and 300°C.

IVD aluminium by Aalberts surface technologies is available in three coating classes:

  • >25 µm for very high corrosion resistance (at least 504 h in the salt spray test)
  • 13 to 25 µm for close tolerances
  • 8 to 13 µm for fasteners and particularly narrow tolerances and/or delicate surfaces

IVD aluminium coatings are applied, for example, to titanium fasteners which are used to join aluminium assembly Groups. Aalberts surface technologies implements this specific coating process using drum systems and large coating plants. Thus, we are able to vaporise bulk goods and large components in dimensions of up to 200 x 30 cm. Thanks to movable holders, top-quality surface finishes can also be easily applied to complex parts, such as chassis components, airframe parts or plug connectors

Almost 60 years of experience in aerospace coatings

Aalberts surface treatment is your specialist when it comes to surface technology for the aerospace industry (aerospace plating, electroplating, anodizing, plasma coating, etc.). Since top products are nothing without first-class service, Aalberts surface technologies focuses on your needs: Our production plants form a strong network that stretches across Europe, America and Asia. This allows for short transport routes and competent, on-site expert advice.

We see ourselves as part of your project. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, no matter how unusual or impossible your request may seem to you!

  • A Eurocopter EC 175, exhibited at the Paris Air Show. Aluminium structural parts for the supporting framework of helicopter seats (shown here) as well as parts of the drive technology are functionally finished by Aalberts surface technologies. ©_Georges Seguin (Okki).

  • KEPLA-COAT®-coated titanium fittings for the mirror cells of the IR telescope "SOFIA". The airborne Stratosphere Observatory for Infrared Astronomy SOFIA, jointly implemented by NASA and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), gives astronomers access to astronomical observation in the infrared wavelength range. ©_NASA/SOFIA‘s Telescope.

  • Essential but barely noticed seat rails in passenger planes need a suitable surface treatment. A HART-COAT® variant (hard anodising variant) specially developed for the protection of seat rails for aircraft has shown good results in long series of tests in terms of corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. ©_firstflight / Germany, Munich, Bavaria, Passenger / Fotolia.com

  • Aircraft wing stabiliser bars are among the typical applications of the coatings at our factory in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, England. The component shown here has undergone three chemical treatments and has a painted surface.

  • Magnesium joints with MAGOXID-COAT® surface for satellite solar panels. The plasma chemical process MAGOXID-COAT® provides white, wear and corrosion resistant or black, strongly light-absorbing oxide ceramic layers on magnesium alloys.

Innovative. punctual. responsible.

Together we are strong: more than 1,000 highly qualified specialists in aerospace coatings, certified and fully documented production processes, modern plant technology, technology development partnership and, last but not least, on-time delivery (OTD) for optimal production scheduling of our market partners.

  • Light, sturdy and extremely wear-resistant: This base plate from a helicopter was coated with HART-COAT®

  • The IVD aluminium coating was originally developed by McDonnell Douglas as a replacement for the cadmium treatment of steel and titanium components. The IVD aluminium is used primarily for corrosion protection typically in the temperature range from 0 to 300° C. The coating can also serve to prevent bimetallic or galvanic corrosion. One aviation example is the coating of titanium fasteners with IVD aluminium to which aluminium assemblies are connected.


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.