Germs and bacteria are the breeding ground for infectious diseases. Under suitable environmental conditions, they multiply at breakneck speed and are unconsciously transmitted from person to person.

the use of antimicrobial powder coatings

Everyone is currently trying to protect themselves against infections and diseases. Aalberts surface technologies in Landsberg has found a way to reduce or even prevent the risk of infection. The result of this consideration is the antimicrobial coating. It not only fights bacteria, but is also effective against a variety of other different pests, such as fungi, viruses or algae.

The use of antimicrobial powder coatings achieves a significant reduction and killing of bacteria, whereas the bacteria remain unchanged with conventional powder coatings without special additives. The potential market for the application of this coating is large. Medical technology, air conditioning technology or household appliances are just a few of the many possibilities for the use of antimicrobial coatings.

coating of holding rods and connecting elements for streetcars

One application example is the antimicrobial coating of holding rods and connecting elements for streetcars. Every day, a large number of people use streetcars as a means of public transport. Human hands are the largest carrier of bacteria, and this is exactly where the advantage of an antimicrobial coating can be used. Destroying germs before they are passed on to the next person is the motto here. Our technological claim of the antimicrobial coating is, besides a fast action principle, the extensive control of the pests, high rates of destruction and the avoidance of resistances. The sustainability of the effect is also particularly important. The antimicrobial coating is intended to support the promotion of health and thus be a natural prophylaxis for people

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