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Surface technology for the
oil and gas industry - Resistance in harsh environments

Surface technology for the oil and gas industry - Resistance in harsh environments

Increased performance thanks to sophisticated surface technologies

Our coating specialists tackle the challenges in the fossil fuel sector with profound knowledge, cutting-edge technology and nearly 60 years of experience. Reliable protection of equipment in harsh environments can give you the head start, that you need to work faster, longer and safer.

Surface technology in the oil and gas industry: a challenge

If you are active in the oil and gas industry, your machines run under heavy-duty conditions day after day: the conveyor systems are subject to strong chemical and galvanic corrosion, high wear and tear and massive abrasion. Aalberts surface treatment continuously works on protective finishes and surface technologies which protect the machines deployed in the oil and gas industry against these threats - for efficient and optimised fuel extraction processes.

With the aim of creating long-lived components, surface technology in the gas and oil industry focuses on the following properties:

  • High wear resistance
  • Extreme corrosion protection
  • Strong resistance to chemicals
  • High temperature resistance
  • DURNI-COAT® electroless nickel-plated shut-off balls at Aalberts surface treatment Hangzhou.

  • Instruments, valves, fittings, pump components - all these components from the oil and gas industry are coated by Aalberts surface treatment. The aim in most cases is to increase the corrosion and wear resistance of the surfaces. ©_shutterstock, cinejinn: Stopcocks, pipelines

  • Hard anodising of housings for the oil and gas industry in the Aalberts surface treatment plant at Göppingen-Voralb.

We have a coating solution for any requirement

Aalberts surface treatment offers a wide range of surface treatment and coating solutions. It is our core competency to assist companies in the selection of the best solution. In order to live up to this commitment, the engineers working at Aalberts surface treatment develop innovative premium-class coatings.Impressive results are achieved, for example, with our patented StarCoat® series.

Further examples:

  • TUFRAM<sup>®</sup>


    This coating creates a steely, self-lubricating plastic-ceramic surface infused with polymer particles. It is used to increase the components resistance to seawater.

  • DURNI-COAT<sup>®</sup> 471

    DURNI-COAT® 471

    Aalberts surface treatment finished the valve housing shown on the front left-hand side with electroless nickel plating. The pump, which is used to transport aggressive waters, has thus become more resistant to corrosion and wear.

Surface finishes for all components

Faster maintenance gives you a decisive advantage over your competitors. No matter if we are talking about smaller or large-scale components, our special processes are tailored to the specific requirements of the gas and oil industry. Aalberts surface treatment's experts finish (almost) any material:

  • Hollow bars
  • Wellheads
  • Gate valves, other valves
  • Actuator housings
  • Riser tensioner rods
  • Mechanical seals
  • …and many other components

No matter how unusual the job: we complete every order to your satisfaction. If required, we use individually developed devices to apply our surface finishes directly on site. This way, you can put your technical equipment back into operation as fast as possible.

We are your global partner

Our full range of surface coatings is available everywhere in the world. Represented on three continents in the world's major metropolises, Aalberts surface treatment has nearly 3000 employees who are committed to assisting you with their long-term expertise.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to receive further information? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our competent expert consultants. It is their top priority to make everything possible for you.

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