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Surface technology in the packaging industry: For quick and error-free results

Surface technology in the packaging industry: For quick and error-free results

Packaging is becoming more important to the industry

Effective packaging is crucial. It protects the product and promotes sales. However, in order to present the product in an attractive way, companies are often forced to spend more for the packaging than for the actual product. Hence, there is the legitimate question of how it would be possible to save costs by optimising packaging processes without compromising on the packaging itself. Surface technology has a convincing answer for the packaging industry: surface treatments. They optimise the machines' durability and create the conditions required for higher speeds, which allows for efficient and smooth packaging processes.

A look at the advantages of surface technology in the packaging industry

Backed by years of experience in the packaging industry, Aalberts surface treatment falls back on optimised non-stick and anti-friction properties. With these two parameters, we can achieve several economic improvements:

  •  Malfunctions and downtime caused by the formation of product, film and adhesive deposits are avoided.
  • Wear parts need to be exchanged less frequently.
  • Increased machine speed thanks to less frictional resistance.
  • Adhesions and decelerations of bulk material in slides, funnels, trays and scale pans are reduced so that filling weights can be perfectly observed without “loss reserves”.
  • Cleaning and standstill periods are reduced thanks to easy-to-clean surfaces.

The packaging industry is faced with demanding requirements regarding fast and flawless production processes. When it comes to surface treatments, the coating quality is often the decisive factor. That is why we are currently providing the packaging industry with more than ten of our partially patented surface technologies. We have special premium coating solutions for every application.

  • Welding bars for heat sealing plastic film

  • Duckbill loader for the supply of powdered sweetener in dry food production

  • Anti-friction-coating suitable for conveying tracks used in the production of cardboard boxes

  • The production of cardboard boxes involves punching the unprocessed cardboard into the desired shape. After adhesive has been applied to the edges of the box, it is placed onto a transport device for further processing. It often happens that the cardboard boxes get stuck in the blunt metal rails of the transport device, all the more so when there are accumulations of adhesive and residues from the punching process. The result: constant cleaning and reduced production speeds. Due to the related loss of valuable production time, fewer boxes are produced.

    By coating the conveying tracks with our PlasmaCoat® anti-friction coating, the production speed can be increased to a significant extent. Thanks to improved anti-friction properties, the cardboard boxes will no longer get caught in the tracks. It is no longer required to stop the machines. Constant cleaning becomes a thing of the past. The production costs are reduced.

  • PlasmaCoat® combined coatings offer excellent wear protection for welding bars. Protection is guaranteed even at high temperatures. The coating's excellent non-stick properties are another advantage, e.g. when it comes to the sealing of PE bags. Furthermore, the FDA has certified our coating, which is very important in the food and pharmaceuticals industries. Surface treatments in the production of packaging result in reduced cleaning and maintenance times as well as in a lower reject rate.

  • When it comes to the production of dry food, so-called duckbill loaders are used to add powdered sweetener. PlasmaCoat® thermal spray coating gives these duckbill loaders outstanding non-stick properties and ensures excellent abrasion and shock resistance. As the formation of powder deposits is avoided, the filling process occurs without the formation of lumps or adhesions on the side walls. This results in reduced cleaning and maintenance times. Moreover, production interruptions are avoided, and the components need to be replaced less frequently. This in turn saves operating costs.

Surface technology available anywhere in the world

The packaging industry is not the only sector in which our high-quality coating technologies achieve maximum efficiency and high performance. Many different industrial sectors around the world benefit from our long-standing experience and profound knowledge.

Together with our customers, we develop complex and unique industrial coatings. Our engineers focus on innovative processes and advanced procedures. Thanks to our stable network, we are extremely reliable and adhere to agreements and deadlines. More than 200 customers from the packaging industry know that we keep what we promise.

Do you still have any questions about our premium surface finishes? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert consultants for the packaging sector. Your personal contact will be happy to assist you in your search for the ideal product.


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.