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Packaging Industry -
to the process

Packaging Industry - to the process

Increasing relevance of packaging in the industry

Good packaging is important. It protects the product and promotes sales. In order to present the product in an appealing manner, companies are often forced to spend more on the packaging than on the product itself. The question is therefore understandably: How can costs be reduced by improving packaging processes without having to reduce the quality of the packaging itself?

Our answer:

By preventing malfunctions and machine downtime caused by residue on the components from the product, foil and adhesive.
By designing surfaces of wearing parts so they do not need to be replaced as frequently.
By increasing machine speeds through lower frictional resistance.
By reducing sticking and deceleration of product material in chutes, hoppers, tubs and scale trays so that precise net weights can be maintained without 'loss reserves.'

By reducing cleaning and downtime with surfaces that are easy to clean.

  • Slide coating for transport rails for cardboard packaging production

  • Nonstick coating for heat seal bars for the heat-sealing of plastic sheets

  • Nonstick coating of duckbill loaders for the feeding of artificial sweetener powder in dry food production

Attractive packaging is good

Attractive and efficient is better

In the packaging industry, processes must run as quickly as possible with minimal malfunctioning. The quality of the coating often makes the crucial difference.

Transport rails for cardboard packaging production

Cardboard packaging is made by punching out the desired cardboard shape, applying adhesive to the edges, then moving the cardboard along a conveyor system for further processing. The cardboard frequently gets caught on the dull metal rail of the conveyor. The problem is amplified as remnants from punching and adhesive residue accumulate. To avoid having to stop production too often, the machine operator has to clean the equipment constantly, which slows down production. Valuable production time is lost and fewer boxes are made.

Coating the transport rails with the slide coating PlasmaCoat® significantly increases the speed of production. The improved sliding properties allow the cardboard to glide along the rails without getting caught. The machines no longer have to be stopped, constant cleaning is no longer required, production costs are reduced.

Heat-sealing plastic sheets

Nonstick coating for heat seal bars for the heat-sealing of plastic sheets, such as PE bags

PlasmaCoat® combination coatings give the heat seal bars excellent nonstick properties and very good wear protection, even at high temperatures. The coating is approved by the FDA.

Benefits: Cleaning and maintenance times are reduced and there is less waste.

Dry food

Duckbill loaders for the feeding of artificial sweetener powder

In the production of dry food sweet powder is supplied via so-called duckbill loader. With PlasmaCoat®, the duckbill loaders take on excellent nonstick properties and very good resistance to wear and impact. Powder deposits are prevented and filling takes place without clumping or adhesion to the side walls.

Cleaning and maintenance time is reduced, production interruptions are prevented.


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