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Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - surface technology in Kerpen

Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH - surface technology in Kerpen

Aalberts surface treatment in Kerpen is your specialist for excellent coating solutions, with a focus on hard anodizing and electroless nickel. We improve the functional surfaces of your components for the long term, with specially developed processes and state-of-the-art plant technology.

Welcome to Kerpen

Werk Kerpen

In 1960 the former AHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH was founded by Ulrich Reininghaus and Herbert Friebe in Cologne-Mülheim. Due to a very good order situation, the production capacities were quickly exhausted. A new, generously planned production site had to be built, and it was located in Kerpen in the Rhineland. Since January 2019 we officially belong to the Aalberts surface treatment group. Through regular investments and technical developments, the location has grown steadily.

Today, 150 employees refine technical components for around 3,000 active customers, primarily in the mechanical engineering and automotive industries. Standard processes are hard anodising (HART-COAT®) and electroless nickel (DURNI-COAT®). Special features of the Kerpen plant are the SILA-COAT® 5000 process, an anodic dip coating to increase alkali resistance, and the HC large component plant. Large parts such as rollers, tubes, profiles or running rails for goods distribution systems are hard coated here.

Our services for surface refinement in Kerpen

Coating solutions

Process services

  • Material - Coating Analysis
  • Corundum blasting
  • Preparation, masking, covering
  • Cleaning

Other services

  • Technical consulting and project support
  • Rack construction
  • Development of individual masking solutions for large components
  • Handling of large and heavy components with dimensions up to 7.7m x 1.8m x 1m and 5 t weight
  • Large storage areas for customer parts
  • Possibility of setting up a customer consignment warehouse
  • Packaging solutions

Industries in which surface technology from Kerpen is used

  • Aerospace


    • Mounting rails for seats

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  • Automotive



    • Pistons
    • Connectors
    • Cooling Cassettes
    • Housings
    • Numerous components for pumps
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  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering


    • Gear wheels
    • Housings
    • Retainer
    • Pistons
    • Pressure cylinder
    • Plates
    • Tooth washer
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  • Medical



    • Knee joints
    • Components for life-sustaining machines
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  • Environmental Engineering

    Environmental Engineering

    • Defense


      Quality und Know-how

      We are strongly focused quality and process technology. Thus, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our production is always tailored to their specific needs. Existing processes and applications are optimized and new possibilities are continuously developed.

      Every year, more than 35,000 orders are processed at our plant in Kerpen. We are particularly proud of our permanently low complaint rate. Awareness of an outstanding work quality is a top priority for us.


      In our HART-COAT® production area, housings of all kinds are coated: for example valve housings, filter housings or blower housings for washing machines. Whithin the HART-COAT® large part plant, rolls up to 8 m long, pipes and profiles are hard anodized.

      The DURNI-COAT® production range includes components such as coupling hubs, needles for carburettors, secondary rotors for compressors, pump parts for automotive air conditioning systems, technical springs or test rims.

      In the SILA-COAT® area, products such as pump nozzles for filling stations, pistons for pneumatic cylinders as well as valves or even electric motor housings are coated.

      • An employee covers parts of a roll that may not be coated.

      • Rollers are let into the coating bath of the HART-COAT® large parts line to be coated.

      • Technical center Kerpen

      Contact & Directions

      Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH

      Boelckestraße 25 - 57
      50171 Kerpen

      Phone +49 2237 502 0

      Fax: +49 2237 502 100

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      Receiving department

      Mo. - Fr.: 7:30 - 16:15 Uhr

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      Contact Partners

      Ralf Nott

      managing director

      Phone +49 2237 502 140

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      Dagmar Schuhmann

      assistant to the managing director plant kerpen

      Phone +49 2237 502 410

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      Michael Volkmer

      assistant to the managing director plant kerpen

      Phone +49 172 5807923

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      Helmut Lohmar

      quality manager

      Phone +49 2237 502 230

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      Justin Bartsch

      workshop supervisor (HC)

      Phone +49 2237 502 152

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      Christoph Schupitza

      workshop supervisor (DNC)

      Phone +49 2237 502 161

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      Katharina Mueller

      project manager

      Phone +49 173 6776290

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      Dirk Elias

      customer service

      Phone +49 2237 502 132

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      Peter Huhn

      sales representative

      Phone +49 170 7619097

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      Dimitrios Gavros

      sales representative

      Phone +49 171 3371721

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      Vural Kiran

      inside sales

      Phone +49 2237 502 121

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      Aalberts surface treatment offers security

      We want to offer you the greatest possible security in the field of surface finishing.
      That is why our Aalberts surface treatment sites are certified.

      Do you have a question about materials or processes?
      Contact us. We are close-at-hand.

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